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Title MBC's New Mini-series "One Fine Day"
Upate 2008-02-14 17:02
- Starring Gong-yoo, Sung Yoo-ri, Nam Goong-min, Lee Yeun-hee
- Son Eun-hae, writer of "Love Story in Harvard", Shin Hyun-chan, producer of "Mermaid" and "Beating Heart- Sadness"

MBC's new mini-series, "One Fine Day", aired its first episode on the 31st of May. "One Fine Day" tells the story of things that happen when a brother and sister reunite after being separated for 15 years. The story is sometimes sad and also beautiful.

"One Fine Day" has already been noticed for its spectacular cast, Gong-yoo, Sung Yoo-ri, Nam Goong-min and Lee Yeun-hee. It went into its first shooting on the 24th of March, went to its Australian location in April, and is now back filming in Korea. It's preparing to catch the viewers eyes this summer with its exotic Australian landscapes combined with the main characters' interesting careers. Apart from that the cast is also going to be another sight to see. "One Fine Day" is planning to show a variety of underwater pictures using a new kind of filming technique. The technique uses a HD-Camera which will give the viewers more precise and superior pictures.

Gong-yoo has returned to TV drama after a year break, after his last drama "Gun Bbang Sun-saeng and Byuel Sah-taeng" (a Korean drama) with a more masculine character. Sung Yoo-ri has returned to the TV screen after 2 years. She's not only learned how to play the piano but also has taken scuba diving lessons in order to help make the pictures look more real. Nam Goong-min, who was in the spotlight in "Jangmi Beet In-saeng" (a Korean drama) in 2005, plays the role of an aquarium curator. Lee Yuen-hee, who starred in the movie "A Millionaire's First Love," has returned as Hyo-joo, the character who loves Gun. Other than these actors and actresses there are many more who are starring in "One Fine Day", such as Jung Dong-hwan, Sun Woo Eun-sook, Lee Ki Yuel, Kang Seong-jin, Ahn Yeon-hong, Yoo Ha-june and Lee Uhn-jung, to name a few.

"I want to feel the feeling of love once more. I want to feel my heart beating inside of me. I don't have a heart. It's not the heart I need..." Gun
"Don't think that I'm weak. I have the strongest heart anyone could ever have..." Ha-neul
"My heart, which I thought has stopped beating, has started beating once again..." Dong-he
"My heart doesn't listen to me anymore. It only listens to you..." Hyo-joo

A relation deeper than the separation, the meeting sadder than the memory: "One Fine Day"; their secret love story is about to begin.
Gun lives a life of destitute in Australia with Kyung-taek and Hyo-joo. One day he hears news from Seung-chan about his little sister, who he left alone at an orphanage. He hears that she has been adopted by a very rich family and is now living like a princess. In need of some money he decides to go to Korea in order to con Ha-neul and get some money from her. Hyo-joo, who loves Gun, also follows him to Korea. Meanwhile, Ha-neul lives every day wanting to get away from her adopted parents and brother. Ha-neul secretly works at an aquarium and constantly gets into quarrels with the curator, Dong-ha, who, despite all the quarrels, starts to like her. Suddenly one day Ha-neul's brother, whom she has never forgotten about, appears in front of her.