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Title < Fireworks > Starts Off with Positive Reviews!
Upate 2008-02-14 17:02
MBC's special project weekend drama "Fireworks" began airing on the 13th and 14th of May with 10.3% viewer rating (standard data of the TNS metropolitan area) and many positive reviews from it's viewers. In the first episode the main character, Nah-ra's (Han Chae-young), comic yet mellow acting really sparkled and the drama is getting reviews saying that the drama overall has a speedy development with comical elements here and there, which makes the drama fun to watch. Especially the scene when she puts on a slip and falls in the bathroom while trying to seduce her boyfriend or the scene where she puts on a breast battle with the other cheerleaders; one which made everyone burst into tears.
Also In-jae's (Kang Ji-hwan) cunning acting and change in facial expressions, even to the most delicate emotions, are receiving great reviews. Reviewers say that as In-jae starts to feel strange emotions towards Mi-rae, who once was his sister-in-law to-be, a hint to a confusing relationship gives the viewers a higher anticipation of what's going to happen in the future.
In the second episode the fireworks scene, also the drama's title, dealt with the 4 different colors of love of 4 different people. It showed the definite differences in emotions of the 4 characters about to be revealed further in the drama.

At Nah-rah's rooftop room;
Nah-rah: (Watching fireworks) Fireworks are very beautiful but yet empty, aren't they? They're like love.
In-jae: Hey, why is love empty?
Nah-rah: Because when the fireworks explode in the sky and all the brilliant colors fall down on me it seems like the world is mine; but suddenly they all disappear right in front of my eyes. Just like a lie, nothing is left, there's nothing to hold onto...(she becomes lonely)
In-jae: (after watching) Still, they're pretty. They show the other person only they're prettiest looks by burning their own body. Isn't that itself enough?

Taking a cruise on the Han River...
Seung-woo: It might seem that I'm firing them up in any matter I want but it really requires more skill than you think. The time when the image disappears changes according to the size of the fireworks, the time it explodes, and their height. All these factors must be perfectly joined together just right for the perfect fireworks performance. (Looks at Mi-rae) Just like love.
Mi-rae: (Smiles)... I guess so. When looking at it from afar it's beautiful, but once you actually put your hands on it it's very dangerous. (Gets caught in her thoughts and looks far away)...

A fun, and exhilarating story of a guy who betrays the girlfriend he's been with for 7 years, Nah-rah, the girl who fakes being someone else to get a job to get back the love who betrayed her, and the new love she meets there. We wait for each weekend with great anticipation of what will happen next. Especially in episode 3, as In-jae finds out the truth about Nah-rah and Nah-rah finds out about the relationship between In-jae and Mi-rae, the drama is planning to reveal a variety of eye-catching events to the viewers.