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Title MBC Special Weekend Drama'Fireworks'
Upate 2008-02-14 17:02
*Production Plan:
A fun and exhilarating story of a college graduate trying to find a job.

They say that our country's youth unemployment figure has reached 300 million.
Why do you think people say that a great portion of the youth in their twenties is unemployed?

The main character of this drama is Shin Nah-rah, a girl approaching thirty who doesn't have a house, money, a boyfriend, a job, or anyone to support her. All she has are her brains. After living unemployed for awhile and struggling to make a living she thinks about getting married because then she can at least work as a housewife. After she gets dumped by her boyfriend, who she was planning on getting married to and living together with, she goes out to find the woman who stole his heart; but while at this woman's cosmetic company an ad for a sales clerk catches her eye. Having nothing to lose she fakes being her 20 year old little sister, a high school graduate, and starts working as a sales clerk at the company. At work she meets an immature and spoiled guy who likes the woman who stole her boyfriend's heart. The two always snarl at each other and get into disputes but this guy later turns out to be an employee who came into the company to work only because his mother is the vice president of the company; in other words he is the son of a really rich family! A love story starts to grow between the employer who knows nothing except being tough and an employee who knows a lot more than her boss throughout all their disputes and quarrels.

Shin Nah-rah (30 years old) / Han Chae-young – Cosmetic beauty planner
She has a high self-esteem, is very stubborn, tactless and very honest. She thinks herself to be somewhat intelligent, but she is only strong with the theory; when it comes down to actually doing the real stuff she is boundlessly clumsy. But once someone triggers her button she becomes a stubborn fireball. She works hard in everything she does having belief in her family’s motto 'If you try hard enough, you can accomplish anything.'
When she was in school she wasn't always the best but usually ranked 3rd or 4th in her class. She went into business school with belief in her father's words "There are a lot of things to do in the world." She dreamed of being a perfect and successful career woman so when all the other girls were busy going out to meet guys she studied very hard and got good grades. She also studied English very hard. The year she became a senior her boyfriend and she were studying to get a job but one day he lost all his rent betting on a game of pool, so she took him into her house and they have lived together ever since. In time he, Seung-woo, passed his CPA exams thanks largely to her hard work in encouraging him to succeed but now she is without a job and even farther away from her dream. She starts wanting to compromise by getting married to Seung-woo, but like lightning he tells her that he has found his true love and dumps her. Unexpectedly she has become Shim Eun-ha from 'Chung Choon Ae Deut'. She ends up working as a beauty planner faking that she’s just graduated from high school, determined to get Seung-woo back.

Nah In-jae (27 years old) / Kang Ji-hwan – Former soccer player, present cosmetic gallery manager
He has a character somewhat similar to the soccer player Kim Nam-il, he is very man-like yet rebellious. He has many other characteristics inside of him and is by nature pure at heart. He grew up feeling deprived from his mother because of all her love towards his "perfect" older brother. The only thing he was better at than his brother was soccer, which is why he became a soccer player. He didn't like being below his brother. The person who actually made him realize that he was good at soccer was Mi-rae. After getting divorced he lived in the little room at Mi-rae's house and his mom worked as a cosmetic saleswoman (as known as the 'Amore Lady') and always came home late which left him at Mi-rae's house all day eating and playing at their house. He grew up like he was part of their family. His brother In-cheul was always ashamed of that fact but unlike him In-jae didn't think much of it and acted as if he was part of their family. Mi-rae, who always seemed like a tomboy, starts looking like a woman in In-jae's eyes and his heart starts to beat for her so he decides to confess his feelings towards her...but it's only after someone else has confessed to her first. This someone turns out to be his older brother, who has just passed his bar exams. And so Mi-rae became his brother's woman, but his brother suddenly dies. Just like a lie his brother dies in a car accident the day after In-jae confessed to Mi-rae that he loved her, the day after they had a quarrel, his brother dies in a drink and drive accident. For 2 years he lives everyday like a tramp thinking that his brother died because of him. He lives teaching soccer to kids, but there he meets a little boy, who reminds him of when he was young, Bong-chang. In order to borrow some money for Bong-chang's hospital bills he goes to his mother but he get caught and ends up working at his mother's cosmetic company.

Chae Mi-rae (28 years old) / Park Eun-hae – Head of the cosmetic store management team
She is very intelligent, lady-like and is so stunning that she causes guys to do a double-take when they see her. While growing up with In-jae and his brother she starts to like In-jae but he always seems to be mean to her and so she starts to think that he doesn't like her when his brother In-chang confesses his love for her. They become lovers but as time goes by her feelings for In-jae grow even bigger and when In-jae confesses to her that he loves her she calls off the engagement with In-chang. That very day In-chang drives off in anger and dies in a car accident. Like In-jae she feels that she is the reason In-chang died but she finds her heart still beating for In-jae and doesn't know what to do, so she tries to deny her feelings and goes looking for another guy to love. That very guy turns out to be Nah-rah's boyfriend Seung-woo. She doesn't love him but she wants to be in a relationship that is safer than her last one. She tries her best to be a good friend and sometimes even protects him like she was his sister-in-law.

Kang Seung-woo (30 years old) / Yoon Sang-hyung - C P A. Nah-rah's ex-boyfriend
A cute couch potato. Nah-rah's college friend and ex-boyfriend. Compared to Nah-rah he lives a very easy life, and thanks to Nah-rah he has become a CPA. One day he goes on a business trip to San Francisco and there he meets Mi-rae. He worries and thinks about what to do about this love that came to him like lightning Eventually he proposes to Nah-rah because of the burden he has been to her, but because she finds out about everything their relationship starts its downfall. After breaking up with Nah-rah, he starts planning a beautiful life with Mi-rae, but after finding out that Mi-rae loves In-jae his love towards Mi-rae comes to a bitter end and he suffers from being heartbroken.

*Synopsis :
Nah-rah gets proposed to by her boyfriend that she's been living with for the last 7 years but ironically she hears from him the absurd story of how he played around on her. She goes to the soccer field that she and Seung-woo were going to go to together and becomes drunk and in her anger she throws the ring that he gave to her in the cup with soju in it and walks out. In the mean time In-jae walks in and happens to drink the shot of soju with the ring in it and swallows it. Nah-rah regrets throwing the ring away and goes back only to find that In-jae has already swallowed her ring with the soju she left. Finding out that In-jae has swallowed her ring Nah-rah asks him for his number and the two get into a little quarrel. The ring comes out when In-jae's uses the restroom and he uses the ring as an excuse to have her cheer for his soccer team. During the game, however, Bong-chang faints and In-jae goes to Mi-rae and asks her for some money but knowing that he and his mother don't talk to each other anymore she tells him to go to her and ask her for the money. Nah-rah gets the ring back, but Seung-woo has left the house and hears nothing from him for a couple of days. She goes out to see him but there she finds the woman that stole his heart and becomes outrageously mad. She lies to be her little sister Nah-kyung, and tries to interfere between the two.
Nah-rah boils with jealousy and betrayal and gets into a big quarrel with Seung-woo and eventually she hears from him that he hasn't loved her for quite some time now, and that he proposed to her out of duty rather than love. Hearing this she gets extremely angry and throws the ring at him.
Nah-rah tries to forget her sadness after throwing the ring at Seung-woo then leaving, but the more she tries the more her heart breaks.
Nah-kyung finds out about Seung-woo falling in love with someone else and goes on about how Nah-rah should find Mi-rae's weak points and make the two break up, but Nah-rah tells her that she doesn't want to act like a cheap person.
In-jae has a hard time finding someone to take care of Bong-chang so he calls Nah-rah and has her stay with him while he leaves to meet his mother at a launching party. There his mother offers him the money only if he comes into the company and works. At this he worries about what to do.
In-jae comes back to the hospital and persuades Nah-rah to take care of Bong-chang for a week more, because he has gotten a job, but Nah-rah refuses, telling him that she really has nothing to lose now that she has been dumped by her boyfriend. He still clings onto her consistently in hopes of making her realize his desperate situation. The two keep quarreling with each other. Just then Nah-rah's finds out that her little sister Nah-kyung, who is outraged by the situation more than anyone else, has gone to where Mi-rae works and is about to tell her everything about Nah-rah and Seung-woo's relationship. She runs to the store and arrives just in time to pull her little sister out of the store and send her home. Just then she bumps into Mi-rae again. She thinks that Nah-rah has come to ask her for a spot to work and suggests that she should apply for a job as a beauty planner for high school graduates. Nah-rah feels sorry for herself for not being able to decline the offer even though she is the woman that stole her boyfriend's heart away from her. When she gets to her house she bumps into Seung-woo, who has come to get his stuff.
Nah-rah, not being able to stay in the house without Seung-woo, suddenly remembers that In-jae needs a place to stay and she tricks him and sells the room over to him.
Meanwhile, Seung-woo hears from Mi-rae that Nah-rah might start working at the company, so he goes to see Nah-rah and asks her why in the world she is thinking to come and start work at the company. At Seung-woo’s words Nah-rah becomes very upset and tells him that she is going to work there no matter what if he doesn't come back to her and comes home. Feeling down, Nah-rah goes to the Han River to have a drink and she ends up getting off at her old home where she bumps right into In-jae. He is not too happy about the house as he finds out that the roof leaks and all the water has been cut off so he follows her but later loses her.
The next day, Nah-rah goes to work with a firm determination but she bumps into In-jae at the new employees training session.
Now that In-jae knows where Nah-rah works he threatens to take the security deposit from her paycheck, so the two argue with each other again. While they argue with each other they run into Mi-rae and they finally find out that they all are acquaintances.
Nah-rah decides to get Mi-rae drunk and get some things out of her but instead she gets drunk and In-jae ends up taking her home. But Nah-rah throws up and he ends up going into her house. There she hears a conversation between Nah-kyung and Nah-rah and finds out the truth about Nah-rah.
In the meantime, Seung-woo finds out that Nah-rah has started to work at the company and goes to where she used to live to question her, but bumps into In-jae and In-jae finds out about the relationship between Nah-rah and Seung-woo. Seung-woo tells him that Nah-rah is a stalker and that he truly loves Mi-rae, and that he is going to make sure that she is happy and that he is going to tell Mi-rae the truth. In-jae, however, tells him that he thinks it’s better that Mi-rae doesn't find out and that he will take on Nah-rah.
Meanwhile, Nah-rah wakes up and finds the clothes that In-jae left and sees the picture of Mi-rae in his wallet. She finds out that the woman that In-jae once loved was Mi-rae.
Nah-rah goes to work with a happy feeling that she actually got something accomplished even though her first day was a little weird and hard, but while in the locker room In-jae threatens her by saying that he is going to tell everyone that she lied to the people in the company because of her poor living conditions, and she threatens him by saying that if he says a word about that then she is going to tell everyone that the woman he loves is Cha Mi-rae.
After that incident Nah-rah tries everything to find out Mi-rae's email password so that she can read her mail, and In-jae keeps an eye on her knowing about her scheme and plots.