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Title < Love Truly > Makes a Good Start~!
Upate 2008-02-14 17:02
Munhwa Broadcasting Company's new weekend drama, , is off to a good start. According to the program rating company TNS Media Korea, the drama received a viewing rate of 16.1% (TNS Media Korea, Seoul metropolitan area) on April 9 (Sun.). The nationwide viewing rate was 14.6%.

The first episode was aired on April 8 (Sat.), receiving a viewing rate of 12.8 %, and attracted viewer's attentions thanks to Yu Jin's delightful Kang-won province dialect. As well, Lee Min-gi's brilliant performance and Jang Jun-won and Ryu Jin's smooth acting also contributed to the drama's promising start.

The Internet homepage board of is already getting hot with so-called 'drama manias' comments. Even before the drama went on air, netizens such as the one with the ID 'real mania' were showing interest in the drama and exchanging their opinions. Viewers are applauding the drama's fresh theme and the actors' impressive performance with comments like 'It's been such a long time since I got to watch a really really delightful drama~' 'I think I'm gonna like this one very much.. Yu Jin's performance is so good..^^'

Storywriter Bae Yu-mi and producer Kim Jin-man's ambitious creation, , is set to give the viewers a pleasant experience. This week's story will follow Yeo Bong-soon (Yu Jin) who goes to Seoul after her grandmother's death and reunites with Nam Bong-ki (Lee Min-ki) and Jang Jun-won (Ryu Jin). After many funny twists and turns, Bong-soon gets to stay in Bong-ki's place.