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Title < Dr. Gang >'s Smooth Launching with Favorable Popularity
Upate 2008-02-14 17:02
'Dr. Gang,' Munwha Broadcasting Company's TV miniseries drama (Script: Kim Gyoo-wan, Director: Park Sung-soo) started last Wednesday, April 5, and its nationwide viewing rate was 13.4% (12.9%: TNS Media Korea, Seoul metropolitan area) drawing deep interest among its viewers.

'Dr. Gang' is a TV drama which attracted plenty of attention from the TV viewers even before its airing because of a lot of sensational topics, including the meeting of Yang Dong-geun and Han Ga-in, and the cooperation between Yang Dong-geun and Park Sung-soo, the director of the drama, who met in a drama called 'Do What You Want' and got to meet in this drama again. Those viewers who watched the first episode with lots of expectations are uttering favorable comments on Yang Dong-geun's enthusiastic acting and Han Ga-in's mature and stable acting.

In the first scene of the drama, people could see the two main characters wearing school uniforms. Particularly, Han Ga-In's use of the Busan dialect was impressive. Large-scale spectacular scenes with props such as yachts, coast guard boats and police boats in the wide sea of Busan drew viewers' eyes and attention while the drama was getting down to the main story line. Moreover, such great subordinate actors as Kim Hye-ok, Kim Hak-chul, Kim Jung-tae and Choi Jae-won acted wonderfully, and thus they got to add some strength to 'Dr. Gang'. 'Dr. Gang' is a drama which will have a well-organized plot and the sensitive touch of the love story between Kang Dal-go (Yang Dong-geun), who was chased by a mob of gangsters and subsequently played the role of a fake doctor, and Kim Yoo-nah (Han, Ga-in) who is a genuine doctor and cannot forgive the fake doctor for what he did.

In the second episode, which will be aired on Thursday, April 6, Dal-go finds the object the gangsters wanted, but Kwang-ho (Kim Hak-chul), the big boss, gets out of prison leading the drama to enter into a new stage. In addition, Yoo-nah, who mourns over the death of her older brother, will make the viewers heartbroken.