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Title An interview of Joo Ji-hoon from < Princess Hours >
Upate 2008-02-14 17:02
There are a lot of modern TV dramas, however this is the first one whose setting is modern-day Korea as a constitutional monarchy. Strangely enough, tradition and modernity are in harmony in this story. A lot of attention is given to Prince Shin in the Story.

The 2314(0.57acre) set in Osan cost 1.5 billion won to build. What does it look like?
Prince Shin's room is filled with a high-tech home theater and an old movie projector, which represent his fascination with movies.

An interview with Prince Shin, Joo Ji Hoon

- Have you been to a fortune teller this year?
I don't like to go to fortune tellers, however I do think that everything will go well this year.
The drama "Princess Hours" starts well, and I will try my best with my first role. Recently I have been more stressed, but I believe a person's destiny is based on their effort.

- What has been the reaction to your role so far?
The comments are 50 - 50. I thank those who are supporting me with their kind thoughts. But I also thank the other half for being honest about my performance.

- What are the difficulties in playing the role?
Many scenes are not that easy for me, especially the ones where I need to express extreme changes in emotions. It is difficult for me as a young actor to express opposite emotion in a short period of time. Also I feel a lack of skill when I have to hit or while being hit. When I am hitting or being hit by others, I am not satisfied with my performance. I have heard that there are special schools that can help me with this part of my acting. I think I will continue to try to make this part of my acting more life-like.

- You were a model. Are there any strengths or weakness in going from being a model to an actor?
Still shots and video are definitely different. With 3 years of modeling experience I feel confident in a still photo. I think I am too used to radiating a feeling in still shots so I feel like robot in front of the movie camera. I realize that acting in a natural way is much more difficult than just being myself without a camera.

Of course others before have made similar changes. Audiences prefer to be satisfied in a visual way, thus actors and actresses that were previously models are increasingly popular. It is a mixture of fashion and broadcasting. I would like to encourage models who have the talent and desire to take a shot at acting.

- Did you have any difficulties because of your height?
Handyman was my nickname in high school. Because of my height, I was very recognizable to every teacher and student. I was 6'1'' tall at 22 years old and now I am 6'2'' tall. I stretch every morning, afternoon and night. It is easy and indeed it works. If you have a problem with your height, try that.

- Do you like Prince Shin dolls?
I like to pick up the dolls in vending machines. My odds of success are pretty high as I spent so much money on those machines when I was in school. With 1000 won there are 3 chances and I can normally pick up 7 to 8 dolls. I like to play Prince Shin as he and I have several similarities.

- What do you think about the idea of a marriage of convenience?
I don't like a marriage for any purpose other than true love. Also I don’t like too many differences between couples. I haven't had a girlfriend for 3 years and I hope my new girlfriend will be similar to me.

- Do you work well together with Yun Eun-hye?
Both of us are in the learning stage right now therefore we are getting better with each scene. As time goes by, Yun Eun-hye is really becoming 'Chea-kyung' while I become Prince Shin. She used to have the image of a singer from 'Babybox' however now she has her own image. I didn't know it before but she has a great complexion

- How does your personality compare to Prince Shin's?
Everyone has different sides to their personality. I am very outgoing when I am with others however I don't like to go out once I get home. Also I like to listen to music and read books. Personally I believe that everyone needs to have their own space so they can enjoy time on their own. I am pretty much similar with Prince Shin's character at the beginning of the drama. He is extroverted when outside but not when at home. However he slowly opens his heart to 'Chae-kyung' at the end of the drama. It is great to see how Prince Shin becomes a real 18 year-old boy.

- How did your parents react when you decided to become an actor?
I have a very big family; 8 people including my grandparents, therefore they are very conservative. However when I decided to change my career from modeling to acting nobody said anything about it. Indeed, my parents liked it when I got into university with an acting major. Even though they never say anything, I know they love that I’m on a TV drama, as one day my mother brought a stack of papers to me to put my signature on.

- Do you have a role model among other actors?
Every actor has his own style. I like to watch movies to study the actors when I have spare time, but instead of picking several actors to follow, I want to learn from all the actors I can. Before I started acting, Jung Woo-sung was my favorite, as we are from the same generation. I want to be an actor that someday somebody else wants to follow.

This interview took place on the set, with Ji-hoon sporting a nice smile throughout. He seemed so quiet at first, however he is a very smooth talker. His deep love of acting was very noticeable throughout the interview. Let’s look forward to seeing more of him on the screen.

* Joo Ji-hoon Profile
Name: Joo Ji-hoon (Real name: Joo Young-hoon)
Birthday: 16th May 1982
Body type: 187cm , 68kg
Education: Acting major in Kyung Ki University
Hobby: Computer game
Experience: 2002 Fashion Show- S.F.A.A Seoul Collection By Hong Seung-wan
2003 Fashion Show- S.F.A.A Seoul Collection By Hong Seung-wan, Jung Wook-jun
Prize: 2005 Model part in Fashion Night
Previous role: CF 'cyworld', 'Seal online game'