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Title An Interview of Jung Ryo-won From < Which Star Are You From >
Upate 2008-02-14 17:02
The new MBC soap opera 'Which Star Are You From' had a nation-wide 12.2% audience rating, and 12.9% in metropolitan regions for its first episode on March 13th Producer Pho Min-soo, who is known for his unique dialogue style, actor Kim Rae-won, and actress Jung Ryo-won made a great impression presence in the first episode.

The double role of Jung Ryo-won is very unique. The story moves quickly from Australia to Gangwon province, where it takes place. She instantly gets rid of the image of the character that she played in her previous show. The bright and loveable character Bok-sil was favorably commented upon by audiences.

The affectionate relationship in Australia and the quarrelling in Gangwon province between Kim Rae-won and Jung Ryo-won, are very life-like. The minor characters, Bok-sil's mother, Soon-yok (Lim Yae-jin) and teacher, Mr. Cho (Kim Ha-kyun), are also loveable characters that greatly enhance “Which Star Are You From”

Interview with Bok-sil, Jung Ryeo-won

- Could you tell us about Bok-sil?
I play two roles, the sisters Hye-soo and Bok-sil. I mainly play Bok-sil, though, as Hye-soo dies in the beginning. The character Bok-sil is a bright and innocent character that has grown up in Gangwon province.

- Did you have any difficulties in playing this double role?
Hye-soo and Bok-sil are very similar, but some things about them are different. Hye-soo has everything, but is broken-hearted inside, and Bok-sil has a secret from birth but a bright personality. As an actress, it is so great to play such favorable characters at the same time. It was pleasure to play both roles.

- What was your reason for choosing this soap opera?
First of all I have faith in Pho Min-soo and I am attracted to Bok-sil’s character. Personally I believe that people should be positive and helpful, and Bok-sil is exactly, that.

- The Character Bok-sil grew up in Gangwon province. Do you use that dialect in the soap opera?
I learned the Gangwon province dialect while I was preparing for the role, however Bok-sil doesn't use the dialect in the story. The staff decided not to as it would not fit in storyline. Also she comes to Seoul in the story. Personally I think, it would have been fun to use the dialect for the role.

- How would you compare this show with other ones you have done?
I tried to clear my mind to create a simple character.

- You looked very close to actor Kim Rae-won while filming in Australia. Are you close to him in real life?
In the story they've been together for a long time so they're meant to look very close. Going overseas to film gives the actors and actresses a chance to get much closer to each other.

* Jun Ryo-won Profile.
Birthday: 21st Jan. 1981
Body type: 168cm, 44kg, Blood type -B
Education: Griffith University in Australia – Korea University
Debut: Chakra Album 'Han' 2000
Previous role:
TV-'My name, Kim Sam Soon', 'Hello Francesca', 'Mysterious TV, surprise', 'Be Good' Movie- Blood type B boyfriend.