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Title [Hur Jun, the Original Story] Casts Interview
Upate 2013-04-09 14:04

[Hur Jun, the Original Story] broadcasts at 20:40 Mon-Fri from March 18th, 2013

MBC’s new drama series [Hur Jun, the Original Story]’s first episode broadcasted on March 18th at 20:40. This drama will depict the life story of Hur Jun. There has been several drama series on the historical figure ‘Doctor Jur Jun’, but this drama will focus on the characters from the viewers’ aspects. And new characters will be added up to differentiate from the previous ‘Hur Jun’ dramas.

This time, actor Kim Ju-hyuk will be acting the fifth Hur Jun following Kim Mu-sang, Lee Soon-jae, Seo In-Seok and Jeon Kwang-ryeol. All the main casts of the drama gathered for the press conference and the interview. The gathered actors and actresses are Kim Ju-hyuk, Park Jin-hee, Baek Yoon-shik, Nam Goong-min, Park Eun-bin, Kim Mi-sook, Lee Jae-yong, and Jung Ho-bin.

Q. Was there any pressure you felt from the previous ‘Hur Jun’ dramas?
A. Kim Ju-hyuk : Yes, of course there was a pressure. But our basic setting is different from previous dramas. And since I am with the best production team and best colleagues, I don’t feel much of the pressure now.
A. Park Jin-hee : I have no worries since I am working with good senior actors and actresses. And I am not much of a ‘feeling pressure’ character myself.
A. Baek Yoon-shik : Yes, there is a pressure. But I think it is important to show something new with a new start and new cast.
A. Nam Goong-min : No pressure. It will be a good drama as long as we all try our best.

Q. Mr. Kim Ju-hyuk, you have once said you will not do a costume drama for the
time being but what made you come back with this drama?

A. Kim Ju-hyuk : I have aged while doing [Warrior K] and I think I will age more while doing [Hur Jun, the Original Story] (laugh). I have always wanted to do ‘Hur Jun’ drama if I was given a chance but I did not imagine that the chance will come this soon. The chance came right after I finished [Warrior K] and I did want some rest, too. I have thought about it for several days but I could not miss the chance of acting ‘Hur Jun’.

Q. Mr. Kim Ju-hyuk, you are much older than your female partner, Park Eun-bin. Do you not feel uncomfortable with it?
A. Kim Ju-hyuk : No. I am not much older than her, it is that she is much younger than me (laugh). Eun-bin’s debut was very early of her age and I guess we have similar time of the career.

Q. Mr. Nam Goong-min, your character ‘Yu Do-ji’ is an anti-hero.
How are you going to take it?

A. Nam Goong-min : I have acted several bad characters before. In my opinion, ‘Yu Do-ji’ is not a bad character. In fact, he is humanly attractive. It has been 2 years since I have left TV drama and I feel very new to act again. I think I could express various aspects of my character with several different voice tones I have.

Q. Mr. Kim Ju-hyuk, how is the setting of this drama different from the previous ones?
A. Kim Ju-hyuk : ‘Hur Jun’ in previous dramas had goodness and justice in the character. ‘Hur Jun’ in this drama has a complex and in his youth, he lives an unruling life based on the anger toward his father. ‘Hur Jun’ in this drama is tougher than the previous ones.

Q. Ms. Park Jin-hee, your character ‘Yae-jin’ in 1999’s drama was a lover to all
the viewers then. How are you going to act her this time?

A. Park Jin-hee : Yes, I have watched 1999 drama and actress Hwang Soo-jung sure was pretty. I see that this character originally has sophisticated worries in herself. In the previous drama, Hur Jun and Yae-jin were depicted more like saints. But in this drama, they are more human. I will express Yae-jin more real than fictional so that the viewers will feel friendly to her.

Q. Mr. Kim Ju-hyuk, your late father has also acted ‘Hur Jun’ in the past.
A. Kim Ju-hyuk : Yes, he did but I have no memory of that drama. I was only 3 years old then. I heard that our family became prosperous after he has acted ‘Hur Jun’. I expect that my acting of ‘Hur Jun’ makes my life prosperous again. On the first day of the shooting, I had prayed to him, “Dad, I am acting Hur Jun now.” This drama surely feels special to me.

Q. Mr. Baek Yoon-shik, how are you acting your character different from the
previous ‘Hur Jun’ drama?

A. Baek Yoon-shik : The previous actor(Lee Soon-jae) is such a great one that I think it will be hard for me to go close. However, even if it is the same character, you could draw out the difference if it is acted by different actors.

Q. Ms. Kim Mi-sook, your character feels opposite to your own characteristic.
A. Kim Mi-sook : Well, now it is time I reveal my real self. (laugh) Rather than being a bad character, I think it is the realistic character for a mother. She is only an ambitious mother figure who wants her husband and son to be the most successful with their lives. I will express a mother who is devoted to her husband and to her son. The script writer asked me to act more evil than actually expressed in the scripts and this is my worry. I will try to act what I have not acted until now.

Q. Mr. Jung Ho-bin, you are now also starring in SBS drama.
Is not there any difficulties?

A. Jung Ho-bin : No difficulties. Shooting of [Hur Jun, the Original Story] began right after the shooting of SBS drama was completed.

Q. Mr. Nam Goong-min, this is your first costume drama.
What are your difficulties?

A. Nam Goong-min : I have not started shooting my scenes yet. I am waiting for it. My expectation is bigger than worries. I am naturally weak physically and can not memorize the scripts well. Therefore I am regularly training myself in a gym with Ju-hyuk. I have not acted in such a long series drama since 2005.

Q. Mr. Kim Ju-hyuk, what made you attracted to this Hur Jun character?
A. Kim Ju-hyuk : I felt attracted to him because he is not a superman. And of course, I will not act Hur Jun like a superman.
Q. Did your lover encourage you?
A. Kim Ju-hyuk : Yes, she did. (laugh)

Q. Mr. Lee Jae-yong, what, do you think, is the reason they are re-making ‘Hur Jun’ drama in 2013?
A. Lee Jae-yong : ‘Hur Jun’ is an epic hero character. This type of character could be mentally very valuable for modern days.

Q. How is [Hur Jun, the Original Story] different from [Doctor Hur Jun] produced in 1999?
A. Lee Jae-yong : As Mr. Baek Yoon-shik has said, the expression will be different since the casts are different. And this time, ‘Hur Jun’ will be a more human character, not a superman.