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Title [Level 7 Civil Servant] JOO Won’s Interview
Upate 2013-02-15 17:02
[Level 7 Civil Servant]
JOO Won says “action, gunshot, waltz... I have learned everything I need to become an intelligence agent!”

MBC Broadcasts [Level 7 Civil Servant] every Wed&Thu 21:55 from Jan 23rd, 2013.

Actor JOO Won is acting a role of ‘HAN Ghilo’ in MBC’s new drama series [Level 7 Civil Servant] and he is burning in his passion to turn himself into an intelligence agent of NIS(National Intelligence Service).

Ghilo has been dreaming to be a secret agent like James Bond since he was a little kid. He has been training himself with gun shooting, hand-to-hand fight, car race...etc... but he never scored enough in the written test to be admitted to the National Intelligence Service.

JOO Won said, “I really have learned all the actions, gun shooting, waltz... just anything that requires to be an intelligence agent. And I am not only studying to be an agent, but I am also studying the character of Ghilo... the human Ghilo.” JOO Won revealed his interest and affection to his character.

MBC’s new drama series [Level 7 Civil Servant] is a romantic story of a young couple serving in NIS. The casts are CHOI Kang-hee, JOO Won, ANH Nae-sang, JANG Young-nam, HWANG Chan-sung, KIM Min-seo, KIM Soo-hyun and more.

[Level 7 Civil Servant] is written by CHUN Sung-il and directed by KIM Sang-hyup who co-directed [Dong Yi]. [Level 7 Civil Servant] has been airing on MBC channel following after [Missing You] from Jan 23rd, 2013.

[Interview with JOO Won]

Q. How do you feel to be the cast in [Level 7 Civil Servant]?
A. This is a new type of character I have acted until now and I felt it would be a very good chance for me to show the different color I have. I am very thrilled to work with such a good production staffs, actors, and actresses.

Q. What do you think about your character Ghilo?
A. Gilo is a man of various charms. He is very naive like a little child but when it comes to love and his dream, he becomes very manly and mature.

Q. What is the similarity between you and your character Ghilo?
A. Ghilo has a clear vision to his dream and he yearns for a pure and true love. These are similar to me. For the difference, I need to spend some more time with this Ghilo character.

Q. You have built up your experience of acting through various kinds of characters in your previous films. Is there any typical aspect you want to present through your new character?
A. I have never acted such a bright and sly character like Ghilo. I want the viewers to see that JOO Won is an actor capable of all kinds of characters. So all I am focusing on now is how I could express this Ghilo character.

Q. In the scripts of the beginning episodes, there are scenes of car racing, gun shooting, dancing a waltz.... is there anything else you have specially prepared to act an intelligence agent?
A. I have actually learned actions, gun shooting, waltz... But I am not stopping studying Ghilo as an agent, but I am trying to study more about human side of Ghilo,

Q. Ghilo and Seo-won(actress CHOI Kang-hee) are both intelligence agent. You two fall in love but as agents you still have to keep a certain distance from each other. And there will be times when you two could not be too honest to each other. Do you think they could keep on loving each other in such a situation?
A. I think ‘trust’ is what counts the most between lovers. I honestly think love would be hard to keep in that kind of situation. It is not that their hearts are not true to each other but the situation will hinder them from keeping a trust to each other.

Q. How are you getting along CHOI Kang-hee, your partner?
A. So well! I feel I am always very lucky to be teamed with the best members. Kang-hee is senior to me and I am learning a lot from her. She always has her own color and I really like it. I am very happy and having such a good time working and spending with her. In one word, ‘CHOI Kang-hee is such a great actress.’

Q. I have heard that the whole staffs had spent three weeks in a country side during the shooting for the beginning episodes. Was there any interesting story?
A. During three weeks, we have to finish shooting about 100 scenes. The schedule was so tight for everyone. But through this period, all the actors, actresses and staffs formed a close bond with each other. It was a new experience for me and I found it fun.

Q. What is the interesting point of [Level 7 Civil Servant]?
A. I wish the viewers like the bright and cute love story and the growth of young apprentices training to be a professional intelligence agents.

Q. Please say one last word to the viewers waiting for the coming up episodes of [Level 7 Civil Servant]?
A. We are having a real good time shooting in such a great teamwork. Our passion is bringing up the temperature of this freezing winter. I am sure that the viewers will also have fun and happy times while watching [Level 7 Civil Servant]. Please laugh with [Level 7 Civil Servant] and make your new year 2013 happy. I look forward to your affection to this drama. I hope you all a happy New Year.