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Title [A 100-Year Legacy] Yoo Jin’s Interview
Upate 2013-01-17 13:01
[A 100-Year Legacy]
Yoo Jin says, “My character, Chae-won, is a woman who has lost all the light. I feel challenging to express her darkness!”

-January 2013

MBC broadcasts [A 100-Year Legacy] every Saturday & Sunday 21:50-

Actress Yoo Jin expressed her resolution for starring in the new drama [A 100-Year Legacy] written by Hyun-sook Gu and directed by Sung-woo Joo.

Yoo Jin said, “It has been long since my last drama and now I am very excited. It is my big concern how I should start drawing my character, Chae-won. There are many agitated scenes and I feel very challenging.”

[A 100-Year Legacy] is a story of a family living in an outskirt of Seoul running a noodle factory for three generations. Yoo Jin is acting Chae-won, the eldest daughter of the family. Chae-won is married to Chul-gyu(acted by Choi Won-young), the eldest son of a big enterprise ‘Golden Dragon Food’. Three years of her marriage life was very difficult because the mother-in-law would not accept her. And when even her husband cheats on her, she loses all the detached feeling to the family-in-law and she decides to divorce him.

Yoo Jin said, “Chae-won’s character is originally very bright and positive because she was raised in love. But the wrong marriage takes all the lights away from her. I hope the time comes soon when she regains her light.” Yoo Jin expressed her concern and affection to her own drama character.

After the broadcasting of the first episode, the viewers’ reaction to the harsh marriage was very controversial. To this, Yoo Jin said, “Yes, it was so harsh that it almost felt unrealistic. While watching it, I felt grateful that it was far from my real life.”

She also said, “Actress Park Won-sook who acted Chae-won’s cruel mother-in-law is in fact very kind to me off the camera. Because the situations are sometimes very exaggerated, we talk about it much after the work.”

[A 100-Year Legacy], starring a group of top stars, Yoo-Jin & Lee Jung-jin, Shin Gu, Jung Hae-sun, Park Won-sook, Park Young-gyu, Jung Bo-seok, Jeon In-hwa, Cha Hwa-yeon, is airing on MBC every Saturday & Sunday night from 21:50.

[Interview with Yoo Jin]

Q. The viewers’ reaction to the first episode is very good. How do you feel?

A. I did not think so much about the rating. But I am glad that the rating is good as we all wanted. Usually the first episode of the drama is very slow because it has to introduce all the characters. But our first episode was very exhilarating. People around me are all saying that the first episode was very exciting. The coming up story is very anticipated and I hope it pulls up the rating higher. “

Q. You are coming back to TV drama after 2 years from your last one [Bread, Love and Dreams]. What made you choose to accept the role in [A 100-Year Legacy]?
A. I can’t believe it already has been two years. Having read the synopsis of [A 100-Year Legacy], I found the plot very interesting and I liked this story of a family running a noodle factory for 100 years…… three generations. The drama seemed to have a warm energy and I really liked that.

Q. Could you tell us about your character ‘Chae-won’?
A. Chae-won is originally a very bright and happy character. She lost her mother when little but her grandparents gave her lots of love which made her bright and positive. But she marries a wrong man. She loses all her light after the marriage. I hope she soon regains her light and goes back to her positive self.

Q. How is the atmosphere of the shooing location?
A. The atmosphere there is very good. Especially I liked the shooting location in the southern sea area where I shot the escaping scenes from the mental institution. There were many scenes to shoot, I was soaked in the rain, running and rolling down the hill……. it was very difficult. And since it was a very difficult shooting, I hope it goes on air well.

Q. Do you have a hard time acting Chae-won’s unhappy marriage?
A. Chae-won’s marriage life is unrealistically miserable. I wonder if there’s a real family like that! And at the same time, I feel thankful that it is far from my real life. Standing in Chae-won’s shoes, all I think is to get divorced as soon as possible.

Q. How are you coping along with actress Park Won-sook who is acting the cruel mother-in-law?
A. She is very kind to me off the camera. Her role is very aggressive and exaggerated that we often laugh together saying ‘could there be such a cruel mother-in-law in reality?’

Q. What is your evaluation for [A 100-Year Legacy]? 
     What do you think is the interesting point of this drama?

A. First, all the characters of the drama are very vivid. Hyo-dong & Choon-hee are showing the warm mid-life love story, Ki-moon & Do-hee are following only for the success, Ki-chul & Kang-sook are going after money, Jin & Ki-ok’s love is covering the age gap of 20 years. All the characters are very unique.
Second, the interesting thing is that all these unique people have gathered under the roof of this noodle factory, wanting to get the share of the legacy.
Third interesting point is the entangled love lines of the characters. Even after the divorce, the relationship does not end there. They keep being involved to each other in some ways which is troublesome to the both sides.

Q. What is your resolution to this drama?
A. I am very excited with this drama because I’ve had a long rest. There are numbers of agitated scenes and I feel challenging how I should express them. And this is a ‘all star cast’ drama where I can work with so many great senior actors and actresses. It is my honor and I am learning a lot through this experience. My biggest concern is how I should start drawing and depicting Chae-won, my character.