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Title <Here Comes Mr. OH> Oh Yeon-seo's interview
Upate 2013-01-04 10:01
<Here Comes Mr. OH> Oh Yeon-seo


MBC’s drama series [Here Comes Mr. OH] ‘s female character Na Gong-ju is developing her love for Oh Ja-ryong which started as a small argument and misunderstanding. She cutely complained, “the viewers seem to love the arguing scenes more than the romance with Oh Ja-ryong.”
She said, “since this is the first daily drama of my career, I was tensed in the beginning but all the staffs are so intimate like a family and I am enjoying working on the scene. I also have an expectation to the romance with the main character Oh Ja-ryong,” brightly she smiled.
She also said, “and please wait and see how Na Gong-ju’s family will be confronting the crisis after the father’s death. And this will bring responsibility to Oh Ja-ryong to protect Gong-ju from all the troubles to come. He will give her a reliable love.”
MBC drama series [Here Comes Mr. OH] is airing from Monday to Friday 19:15.

[Interview with Oh Yeon-seo]

Q. [Here Comes Mr. OH] is getting more popular everyday. How are you spending your week?
A. We are shooting everyday. I have been abroad to Hawaii for shooting the scenes in a variety show [Just Married]. And after coming back, I had to shoot all the delayed scenes for [Here Comes Mr. OH] and that kept me very busy. This is my first career for daily drama and that might have been somewhat stressful to me. I lost the weight in the beginning. But I am fine now.

Q. How are you different and how are you similar to your character?
A. Cheerfulness, that is the similar side. But there are more of different aspects. First of all, I did not grow up like a princess as my character, Gong-ju. And I myself can not express my hearty feeling to the ones I feel attracted to. I don’t dress up like a princess and I don’t pay much attention to what I wear. All my friends know this.

Q. What is the most memorable scene to you?
A. All the scenes I shot with actor Lee Jang-woo. Especially there was a scene where I got my head stuck in the car window. The director said that he has been directing the drama series for several years but never experienced a scene where the actress has her head stuck in the car window. Everyone laughed at it. This winter is very cold but our team work is very warm.

Q. How are you getting along with Lee Jang-woo, your partner?
A. We are always having fun. The viewers seem to like the arguing scenes rather than the romantic scenes. However we will be getting sweeter soon.(laugh)

Q. How do you feel acting with the actress Jang Mi-hee, the very professional elderly actress?
A. She is so beautiful like a girl. She also gives me a lot of advice on acting. Her role is my mother in the drama but she feels more like a sweet aunt to me. Some people say that she and I look alike indeed like a real mother and a daughter and I feel so good to hear that.

Q. How do you feel acting in your first daily drama?
A. This drama feels more like a romantic comedy than everyday drama, so I feel like acting in a mini-series. Through many rehearsals, I become more intimate to the elderly actors and actresses. We share the greetings, ask each other how the others are doing... this intimate feeling in the shooting location is one attraction of the daily drama. I am sure that the viewers could also feel this on the screen.

Q. Do you have any role model, a type of actress you want to be?
A. Before [Here Comes Mr. OH], I starred in a KBS drama where I heard that I looked gloomy. But in this drama, I am acting a bright role and it is even changing my real thinking to the bright side. Surely it seems that the character does have an influence to the actor or actress. Acting is endless. And so I respect all the elderly actors and actresses. There are so many role models for me, not only one that I can name of. I want to be variable. Acting Na Gong-ju in this drama, I feel I am maturing with her.

Q. Can you share with us a little bit of stories ahead?
A. The crisis will strike AT Group. The world will get rough to the mother and daughter. How the mother and daughter will overcome, how the love will develop between Oh Ja-ryong and Na Gong-ju.... I also want to know. Na Gong-ju has been thoughtless and naive, but while fighting with the rough world, she will mature. She has lost her father but she will also lose Oh Ja-ryong’s love. Of course she will not lose her bright character and I want to show how she grows up through her trouble and agony.