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Title Hee-bin is set to turn against Dong Yi
Upate 2010-06-10 21:06

Looking at Dong Yi presumptuously, Hee-bin is set to turn against Dong Yi, sparking an internal palace fight
June 1, 2010 11:35

Viewers will no longer be able to see Hee-bin (actress Lee So-yeon) look fondly upon Dong Yi (actress Han Hyo-joo) in the miniseries.
In episode 21 of Dong Yi, which aired on May 31st, Queen In-hyun (actress Park Ha-sun) was forced to step down as the queen. Upon hearing this news, Dong Yi met with Hee-bin and forcefully demanded that she reveal the truth to clear the allegations against the queen.
Dong Yi took it upon herself to find evidence that could prove that the queen was not involved with the poisoning of the Queen Mother (actress Park Jung-soo). However, royal police Chief Seo Yong-ki (actor Jung Jae-young) advised Dong Yi to drop the investigation, hinting that powerful people are involved. So she backed off from pursuing the case any further.


Coming up with no proof to prevent the Queen In-hyuns disgraceful fall, Dong Yi tearfully watched the proceedings to strip the queen from her royal title. After Queen In-hyun left the royal palace in a black palanquin to never return, Dong Yi went to see Hee-bin. Hee-bin was caught by surprise by Dong Yis visit and bluntly rebuked her by pointing out that Dong Yi is probably terribly disappointed that Queen In-hyun was banished from the palace for good. After all, Dong Yi switched sides and joined the queens entourage, believing that the queen would be her protector. "But alas, all your efforts have gone to naught," said Hee-bin.


Dong Yi replied with a lie, "Indeed, I have found nothing in my investigation." Hearing this, Hee-bin said, "But here you are sitting before me. Are you asking for forgiveness then?" Dong Yi retorted back, "The truth will be revealed one day. I have come before you to tell you that." With fire in her eyes, Hee-bin replied. "I will soon assume residence in the royal quarters reserved for the queen. When that day comes, you will never set foot in this palace again." The particular scene ended with Dong Yi and Hee-bin glaring at each other, hinting at the beginning of an internal royal court battle. Although Dong Yi found evidence that implicated Hee-bin and her brother Hee-jae as co-conspirators in the poisoning of the Queen Mother, she held her tongue and decided to reveal it later when the timing would be right. Viewers will be waiting to see when Dong Yi finally exposes the treachery of Hee-bin and her brother in order to clear Queen In-hyun's name.
After the episode aired, fans of the show commented that Dong Yi had to have nerves of steel to directly confront Hee-bin when it was obvious that Hee-bin is in a more powerful position than her. Fans reflected that Dong Yi is a strong admirable character for standing up to injustice. One fans said, "
I am looking forward to seeing how the bitter rivalry between Dong Yi and Hee-bin heats up." "I cant wait to see the strong-willed Dong Yi clash with the evil Hee-bin" said one fan.


Meanwhile, during the scene depicting the banishment of Queen In-hyun, the queen solemnly accepted her sad fate and carried herself with grace despite that fact that she was innocent. This made a favorable impression on viewers and subsequently, the percentage of viewers who tuned into the show reached 25.1% of all TV viewers according to a TNmS survey.