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Title LOVE & LAW main characters, Lee Sung-jae and Lee Soo-kyung
Upate 2008-07-29 10:07

  MBC unveils its Wednesday/Thursday mini-series drama LOVE & LAW, a tale about lawyers and their clients, and how the four main characters battle it out over love and money. As a romantic comedy, it has already generated much buzz and interest with its first episode scheduled to be aired on Wednesday, July 9. We interviewed two of the main characters, Lee Sung-jae and Lee Soo-kyung, at the production presentation.


- The character you're playing is similar to your previous characters. What's your criteria in selecting characters?

- Lee Soo-kyung: I go for scripts that are fun and exciting. I am still developing my acting range with various characters, and for now, I am selecting light-hearted, fun characters that reflect my personality well.


- You haven't starred in a TV drama for some time. Any funny incidents while shooting?

- Lee Sung-jae: It had been about a month since we started shooting, and it's been challenging.  One of the reasons is because there's so much dialogue. Our writer likes using inversion in the dialogue. Although it's very appealing, it can be a bit awkward in speaking the lines sometimes. And there's a lot of legal jargon that I'm not used to. At first, it was tough, but now I can deliver the lines more naturally. As for funny incidents, I have to go to a public spa to bathe since I don't have time to go home.


- Lee Soo-kyung: I've been told that I'm quite strong for a girl. There was a scene where I had to slam the door shut, and I ended up shutting it so hard that the door sensor broke. The shoot was delayed for an hour because of that.


- Like in the drama, if you had to choose between love and money, what would it be?

- Lee Sung-jae: I would choose love. It?d be a tough call, but in the end, it'd be love. I don't want money to control my life.


- Lee Soo-kyung: It's the right thing to do to choose love over money. Money comes and goes. But you can never give up the one you love for money.


- You play a lawyer. What do you think about lawyers in general?

- Lee Soo-kyung: I did have biased opinions before, but it?s turned out to be a lot of fun playing a lawyer. Lawyers are not as rigid and uncompromising as people usually think they are.


- Do you have a hard time memorizing the legal jargon?

- Lee Sung-jae: It's very difficult. I don't have to know that many legal terms yet, but whenever I do, I get nervous. I'm sometimes not sure of whether I'm delivering the lines accurately.


- You play a character who falls in love with Lee Sung-jae's character. So, it seems like you'll be stealing the husband of your close friend.

- Lee Soo-kyung: At first, my character encourages her friend to work things out between her and her husband. But as the drama progresses, my character starts falling in love with Lee Sung-jae's character.


- Who made the most mistakes during shooting?

- Lee Sung-jae: That would be me. It's because of the dialogue. I'm not a very patient person, and that's probably why I flub my lines so often. Unlike movies, with dramas, you have to move on to the next scene if the director doesn?t stop you. So once, we shot an entire scene without a single cut. Lee Soo-kyung usually plays her role without a single cut. She's amazing.


- What is the biggest charm of LOVE & LAW

- Lee Sung-jae: It's very refreshing. The dialogue is exciting and new. It's refreshing and appealing. When you watch the show, you'll say Wow, this is entertaining! I especially like the supporting characters. It's the perfect drama for this summer.


- Last comments

- Lee Sung-jae: LOVE & LAW? is a fun, refreshing romantic comedy that everyone can enjoy. I hope viewers will enjoy this new drama.


- Lee Soo-kyung: We put a lot of effort into the show, so we really hope viewers will enjoy it. Even if life is tough, we hope you rest and relax while being entertained by our show.