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Title Spotlight (writer Lee Ki-won, director Kim Do-hoon) premiered on May 14, 2008.
Upate 2008-07-02 17:07

 The MBC TV miniseries Spotlight (writer Lee Ki-won, director Kim Do-hoon) premiered on May 14, 2008. Spotlight is a TV series that depicts the fictional lives of TV news reporters. After starring in Alone in Love, Sohn Ye-jin returns in two years to play a leading role in Spotlight where she portrays a passionate TV news reporter, who also risks her life to interview a fugitive.


- Could you tell us about the character you play?

- My character is a TV news reporter in the current affairs bureau. I meet a lot of reporters in my acting career but I'm not familiar with reports from the current affairs bureau. I am very impressed with the professionalism of journalists who work tirelessly to report the truth about issues as a public service. The reporter I play wasn?t born with a natural talent but she is fiercely determined and grows professionally to become an anchorwoman. She will inspire many people. It's a show where you can see the professional lives of reporters.


- The role you play is quite different from your previous roles. So why did you accept it?

- I read the synopsis and the powerful female character was very appealing to me. Like a diamond in the rough, she gradually grows into a truly professional reporter. That was what impressed me. Another factor was that she succeeds through hard work instead of using her sex appeal.


- While portraying a reporter, has your view on journalists changed a bit?

- I was always curious to know why reporters were so driven. There's one scene where my character interviews families of several victims and I started to cry along with them when I shouldn't have. Reporters might feel sad about an incident and the people involved in it but they have to remain impassionate in order to convey the news. So I think it takes a lot of self-control to accomplish that.


- Are you similar to your character in any way?

- She's a very determined woman who'll even disguise herself to get a scoop and I'm also a bit like that. Of course I can't play myself in the role but there are many woman who are hardworking and determined like her.


- What's your view of reporters and what would you like to change about the way news is reported?

- I think reporters would be in a dilemma when they're trying to cover a news story about families of victims. What would I like to change about news reporting? I'd like them to write favorable articles about me (smile). Yet, I know that it's impossible to only get glowing reviews. Sometimes, a critical article about me can help in some ways. But I get bothered when I read a negative article written about me that clearly shows a certain bias on the part of the reporter. I?ll work harder as an actress so any helpful comments are always welcome.


- What do you think is the main appeal of Spotlight?

- Many of the episodes have been inspired by actual events and social issues are a key theme in the drama. You?ll also see how reporters cover a news story and what they will do to get better news footage. Scenes like that will be interesting to watch.


- You're up against some heavy competition in your primetime slot... Any comments?

- That's heaven's will (smiles). It's great when a show I appear in gets high ratings. A lot of people are involved in creating a TV miniseries. So I feel like I owe it to them to get higher ratings but sometimes things don?t work out the way you expect them to. But I?d still be satisfied if our core audience were inspired by certain stories in our show. I think that?s what dramas need to do for viewers.


Executive producer: Oh Gyeong-hoon

Writer: Lee Ki-won

Director: Kim Do-hoon

Interviewer: Park Soon-gyu

PR: Kim So-jung