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Don't Make Her Cry

  • Running time 70 min
  • Starring Kim Jung-eun, Song Chang-ui, Ha Hee-ra, Oh Dae-gyu, Lee Tae-ran, In Kyo-jin
  • Director Kim Keun-hong
  • Writer Hah Chung-ok
  • Episode 40 Eps

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One difference that separates humans from animals is that people have emotions.
So describing the emotions of different characters in a TV drama is an important part of the storytelling process.

What is it like for a person to love another person?
What is it like for a person to forgive another?

This TV drama is made with the premise of influencing people to become gentler and stronger human beings.

Jung Deok-in
Former homicide detective

Her only son died in a fatal car accident. After the death of her son, she quit the police force and opened a small diner in front of her late son’s school. She is generous to her customers who are mostly high school kids and even protects them from bullies. So she has a close relationship with her young customers.
While battling the high school gang members she also relates to their problems. During this process she learns about the factors surrounding her son’s accidental death.
Kang Jin-woo
High school teacher. School is near Deok-in’s diner

He married someone arranged by his father but his wife committed suicide after battling depression. He blames his own mother’s death on his father and vows to never forgive him. In high school, he became a gang member and took out his anger on his fellow classmates.
His older brother died in a freak accident, which shook him to his core. Then he met Deok-in. She was like an angel and a breath of fresh air. She also seemed to be lonely. He felt that he could talk to her about anything and the hint of loneliness deep within her made him want to protect her. If he could know her better, he would like to bring happiness into her life.
Na Eun-soo
Kang Jin-myung’s sister-in-law, She is both fragile like a flower petal and sassy with class

When her fiancé died while she was pregnant with his baby, her future in-laws wanted her to keep the baby. Her “in-laws” treated her like their own daughter-in-law and babysat for their grandkid so it was fairly easy for her to raise her son by herself. Although she is classy with a comfortable life, she is troubled that she has a sickly son. She is touched that Kang Jin-myung wishes to have her son succeed the chairman in the family business.
But to get revenge on Hong-lan, she lashes out at Jin-myung, who is Hong-lan’s husband. Her actions isolate her in the family business but the more her in-laws deem her as a problem, the more freedom she feels in her life.
Kang Jin-myung
He fell in love with one woman. But his brother also loved her and the woman chose to marry his brother. When his brother died before the wedding, his future sister-in-law was pregnant with his brother’s baby. She was going to leave the family after giving birth to her baby but she moved in with her “in-laws” and has stayed.
Now he has to call the only woman he ever loved his “sister-in-law.” Ridden with guilt for his brother’s premature death and the sad plight of his sister-in-law, he decides to have her son become the successor to the family business. But this angers his wife who cannot stand his decision.
Choi Hong-lan
She has a quick temper behind her glamorous looks. She pursued the man she fell for even though he wanted nothing to do with her. After they got married, she was trapped in a loveless marriage. Her husband only loved one woman in his heart.
The most beautiful woman to her husband is his sister-in-law. She embodies perfection as an elegant and classy lady. He feels a wave of compassion and protectiveness towards her. And his nephew who grew up without a father is precious to him. Her husband even decides to have his nephew take the helm of the family business once he is ready. The more she desires her husband’s love, the more she would like to torment him.
Hwang Gyeong-chul
He ignores his pain from losing a child instead of facing and overcoming it. He married Deok-in at the young age of 24 and while his wife paid the bills early in their marriage, he was able to take a few years off to prepare for the CPA test, which he passed.
After he became a successful accountant, he found his rough-mannered wife to be unsightly but he is in debt to her sacrifices and tries to be an attentive husband. When he loses his son cracks begin to emerge in his marriage. That is when he started seeing Kang Jin-hee, whom he could not resist.
Once he began his affair with Jin-hee, he realized that his relationship with his wife was not based on love but on loyalty. The more his family tries to keep him in line and pressure him to break off his affair with Jin-hee, the more he desires her.