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Queen's Flower

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South Korean society values success more than anything else.
People tirelessly strive to get ahead. Meanwhile, South Korea ranks at the bottom of the list of happy countries in the world.
Korea's suicide rate is the highest among developed countries and the third highest in the entire world…
There are things that money cannot buy. Money does not bring honor.
Power cannot make one happy. Happiness is more powerful than political power, more valuable than riches, and a step above honor.
One mother chases success to live a luxurious lifestyle.
A daughter finds success after practically raising herself. Two men love these two women as they pursue happiness.
This TV series raises the question of what defines happiness to viewers.




* Lena Jung, 45, female / Celebrity chef

Her boyfriend left her because of her money problems. She even abandoned her daughter because of money. Vowing to never return to South Korea, she left for America in search of the American dream and a way to elevate her status. She changed her name and enrolled in culinary school. But life in America wasn't easy either. So she ended up returning to her hated country after 20 years with no money… Her last plan to succeed involves becoming a celebrity chef and marrying Min-jun, after which she could take over the TNC Group! Lena is clever and devises elaborate schemes to get ahead. She forges her credentials, manipulates people, steals ideas from others, and enters a loveless marriage for wealth and fame. But then she finds true love. She thought that her life would be happy after finding love… Why is Kang I-sol interfering with her plans? She is a young upstart who should know her place! But I-sol is actually her daughter?!


* Kang I-sol, early20s, female


Growing up poor in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, she had a fairly happy upbringing thanks to having a loving mother. When she is asked by her friend, Seo Yoo-ra, to go on a blind date in her place, she gets to meet Jae-jun, who happens to be the scion to the Jangsu Group fortune. But Jae-jun's and Yoo-ra's mothers give her a bad reputation by telling Jae-jun that I-sol is a girl who'll do anything for money. So their relationship ends shortly after. While still dealing with the sting of being dumped, she has to attend her grandmother's funeral and that means she needs to travel to South Korea. While going through her grandmother's belongings, she learns that the person she thought was her mother was not so. When she tracks down her biological dad, he wants nothing to do with her.


* Park Min-jun, early 40s, male / General Manager, Restaurant division, TNC Group)

tall height, and serious personality, it is a wonder that he is still single. He does not find most women attractive or worth the pursuit. He lost his mother at a young age, and when his father remarried, his new stepmom drove a wedge between him and his dad through her scheming ways. She was also the reason the woman he was engaged to broke off their engagement. He became a workaholic and began taking a cynical view on life. While living a lonely life, he lost all joy.
Then one day, he became smitten by Lena, who was hired to manage one of their new restaurants. Her bright, bubbly personality was so charming to him and he decided he would marry her. But after learning that Lena had orchestrated the whole ploy to seduce him, he became utterly shocked.


* Park Jae-jun, late twenties, male / Plastic surgeon)

He has handsome looks, a charming voice, money to burn at will, a playboy lifestyle, and a thoughtful personality. He is an obedient son to his mother, Ma Hee-ra, who loves him dearly. That is how he went to medical school under pressure from his mother. He had a blind date with Seo Yoo-ra in Kaohsiung, Taiwan so he had to fly there. But instead of meeting Seo Yoo-ra, unbeknownst to him, he had a blind date with I-sol who was pretending to be Yoo-ra. He was instantly taken by I-sol and professed his love to her. But after learning the truth that I-sol was paid to take Yoo-ra's place, he becomes bitter and disappointed, after which he immediately returned to Korea.


* Hur Dong-gu, early 20s, male / Kang I-sol's friend)

Eldest son of Hur Sam-shik.To pay off his father's debts, he worked part-time jobs together with I-sol. They delivered food, cleaned hotel rooms and all sorts of jobs. He never complained about working.He's a cute guy who is a bit clumsy. Whenever he would get in trouble for screwing things up, I-sol would give him a tongue-lashing. But he is fiercely loyal to I-sol and would help her in any way he could.He had a crush on I-sol but he was too afraid of telling her about his feelings because it might end their friendship. So he supported I-sol in achieving her dreams. When I-sol started seeing Jae-jun, it was a tough blow to his life. Then he decided to make a momentous decision to protect I-sol's happiness by becoming her security detail.


* Seo Yoo-ra, early 20s, female / Park Jae-jun's arranged bride)

She is the only daughter of In-chul and Hye-jin. I-sol is her half-sister.She has a curvy figure and thanks to her dad, she got a complete plastic surgery makeover. When she hits the clubs, she becomes the center of attention. Like her mother, she is rude and arrogant. She has mood swings. Because she takes after her scary mother, she made an effort to act differently and kinder to win Jae-jun's affection. But when Jae-jun showed no interest in her, this made her more obsessed about winning him over. She tried every trick in the book to seduce Jae-jun. When Jae-jun fell in love with I-sol, she got so mad that she launched vicious attacks on I-sol with support from Jae-jun's mother and her own mother. But when she later found out that they share the same dad, she made amends to I-sol.