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Kill me, Heal me

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Here is one man living in a Dystopian world. He was traumatized as a young child. It was difficult for him to deal with his childhood trauma so he created another personality to cope with his pain!
His alter ego’s uncontrollable anger will explode after being suppressed in his subconscious. But the problem is that he will have no recollection of what happened while he was in a rage. But the split personality turns out to have splintered into a third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seven personalities. He quietly seeks medical help and is diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder.
What caused him to have multiple personalities? Why did his mind have to create seven personalities to suppress his past? What terrible things happened that he can’t remember now?
An annoying woman appears in the life of this man who is torn apart. She is a psychiatrist but quite transparent in her intentions. He almost even dated her. When he asked her to take him on as her patient, she turns him down but offers to be his friend!



Cha Do-hyun (Ji Seong, 28, male / Young scion of a chaebol family. Has multiple personalities, Vice president of ID Entertainment)

He’s dashing and handsome. He was born with an athletic physique and kept himself in shape with regular workouts and healthy eating. With his chiseled looks, he could be a male model if he wanted. He studied abroad at an early age and can speak five languages including English, Japanese, Chinese and French. He is also the only son of the chairman of the Seungjin Group! But he has one problem. He underestimates himself. He does not know his worth and works too hard on projects that waste his time. He overextends himself all the time. He also has obsessive compulsive disorder and suffers from paranoia. He is even afraid of animals. He is afraid of the dark. He is a very timid fellow and is self-conscious to a fault.


Oh Li-jin (Hwang Jeong-eum, 28, female / Psychiatrist)

She seems to be a female character straight out of a romance comic book with her delicate features and innocent look. She decided to become a psychiatrist when it was regarded as a hard field for a woman but she has managed to hang on. But she has some issues. Beneath her pretty looks, she has shocking habits. She is very unhygienic. She has no sense of good hygiene though she is a doctor. Like a flower, she is frail and pure. But she is surprisingly strong. She can eat as much as a strongman. Her personality is totally different from her appearance. She is prettier than average girls but her personality is rare for a girl. So she can shock people with her behavior... Nonetheless, she is nice, honest and possesses a positive outlook on life.


Oh Li-on (Park Seo-joon, 28, male/ Mystery novelist, Li-jin’s twin brother)

While Li-jin was always a stellar student, Li-on is a creative genius and born entertainer. First, he is a novelist He has churned out a slew of bestselling mystery novels. But he is hardly known because he keeps his identity hidden. None of his fans have seen his face so his age and gender are a secret. He submits his manuscripts by email and uses an agent to take care of his contracts and legal matters.He has something deep in the recesses of his mind that has been bothering him. Li-on and Li-jin are not twins. One of them was adopted. And he knows why the adoption was arranged.  Of course, he already had feelings for Li-jin before that fact.


Cha Ki-jun (Oh Min-seok, 33, male / Do-hyun’s distant cousin, President of ID Entertainment)

He is full of confidence and has a relaxed attitude. He is a workaholic and likes to get results from his work. So work comes effortlessly to him. It’s like pleasure. And he is at his best when he’s at work. As a businessman, he has a proven track record. In the next shareholder’s meeting, he’ll probably be given more responsibilities and that will make his father, Cha Yeong-pyo proud..But then Do-hyun returns to Korea. As Chairman Cha Gun-ho’s only son, Do-hyun is returning as part of a plan hatched by Chairman Seo Tae-im. Do-hyun is immediately made a vice president who reports to him. This whole situation was caused by a power struggle between his father and Seo Tae-im. This will now be a challenge to prove who is worthy of becoming the next chairman of the company.


Han Chae-yeon (Kim Yoo-ri, 29, female / Art director, Do-hyun’s ex-girlfriend, Ki-jun’s fiancée)

Her father is a diplomat and her mother is a curator. She is an only child. Due to her father’s diplomatic assignments, she was constantly moving from country to country as a young child. She has witnessed many ceremonies and even attended them as the daughter of a diplomat. So she has acquired good manners and etiquette.People who knew her always wonder what kind of man she would choose to marry because she was such a sassy, cold, and high-bred socialite. She grew up under the glare of such attention and she found the first love of her life. And that man was Cha Ki-jun. Chae-yeon liked him when she was just a teenager. She adored his confidence and maturity. And since he was three years older than her, he was the perfect age in her mind.