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4 Legendary Witches

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Four female prisoners at a correctional facility have been victims of a miscarriage of justice in different cases, which later turn out to have a common thread intertwined. They team up to challenge a big conglomerate for an exact revenge. These four women forge a bond based on their common grievances and lean on each other for support. Though they are not related, they become a family of sisters.





Moon Soo-in: Starring Han Ji-hye

Married to the eldest son of the family that owns the Shinhwa Group, Soo-in is very confident and smart. Orphaned as a child, she was able to graduate from a third-tier college. She looks very ordinary and does not show any characteristics that would make her a match for a rich scion. Her in-laws look down on her and frame her for fraud and embezzlement, which lands her in prison. She learns how to bake at the prison's job training program and has a fateful encounter with Nam Woo-seok, who teaches the baking course at the prison.


Nam Woo-seok: Starring Ha Seok-jin

As a chef at Shinhwa Hotel, he became a single dad after the death of his wife six years ago. Though it appears that he has tough skin which will not flinch under any circumstances, he actually has a soft heart and will help others in need. He has no recollection of his youth, which has made it difficult for him to form an identity and his own character. When he later learns that Shim Bok-nyeo is his mother, he learns the tragic story of his family and vows to get revenge.


Shim Bok-nyeo: Starring Koh Doo-shim

She has been incarcerated at Cheongju Correctional Center for Women for 30 years with a spotless record for good behavior. She is warm-hearted and caring and looks after fellow prisoners who are having difficulties in living prisoned life.  She was framed for poisoning her own husband, setting his body on fire and murdering her son. The egregious miscarriage of justice has ruined her whole life. After she is released from prison, she starts a campaign to publicize her claim that Shinhwa Group was behind her husband's death.


Son Poong-geum: Starring Oh Hyun-gyeong

She is a walking ticking bomb at Cheongju Correctional Center for Women. When she opens her mouth, she will spit out insults a mile a minute. She considers herself to be sexy and takes great pride in her looks. She treats Bok-nyeo with respect and takes Soo-in and Mi-oh under her wing and treats them like her daughters. She has inexorable hatred towards Shinhwa Bakery because her late husband has died prematurely from too much stress working there.


Seo Mi-oh: Starring Ha Yeon-soo

She is serving her sentence at Cheongju Correctional Center for Women after being found guilty of attempting murder. She had a promising career as a professional model, but when she was cast in a TV commercial for Shinhwa Group, she met Ma Do-jin, the scion to the Shinhwa family, and got her pregnant. When Ma Do-jin's mother learns about her pregnancy, she treats her like a gold digger. When Ma Do-jin also stops calling her and ignores her completely, she stabs him with a knife. After her release from prison, she becomes roommates with Moon Soo-in and plots her revenge.