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My Blooming Days

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Facing a terminal illness, a woman finds a new lease on life when she gets a heart transplant. When she meets the husband of the person whose heart she received, she falls in love in love with him and his children in this splendid story of a karmic connection.





Kang Dong-ha : Starring Kam Woo-sung

As a honest, hardworking person, he found himself winning more business due to his industriousness and reputation. He reinvested his profits into buying more cattle and then breeding them to grow his livestock business. Soon, he began buying up ranches to become a tycoon in the industry.He is very thrifty and a penny pincher. He is quite handsome, and when his wife was alive, she would make sure he was well-groomed. After she died, his clothes became ever so slightly more rumpled than before. He tries hard to maintain a well-groomed look.


Lee Bo-m : Starring Sooyoung 

Bo-mi has a fairly modest childhood even though her dad is a hospital director and her mom is the chairwoman of the hospital board.She was an average student and did not stand out in school. Her career goals were constantly shifting and she led a carefree life in college. On her first blind date, she felt her heart pounding and thought it was a sign that she was falling in love but then she passed out. It was her own dad, a heart surgeon, who diagnosed her with mitral myocardial infarction and was told by him that her only chances of surviving were if she got a heart transplant. That was the day, she started praying every day for a heart transplant. She asked for someone die so that she could get the donated heart


Kang Dong-wook : Starring Lee Joon-hyuk 

There was nothing he could do to cure Soo-jung, the woman he had a crush on. He wanted to blame his brother for this. Why did his brother take her to the hospital when it was too late for him to do anything? He was full of bitter resentment. But it was his brother who started blaming him for not doing enough to save Soo-jung’s life. He talked about how he paid for his medical school so why couldn’t he save her as his voice started to break into tears. All that Dong-wook could tell his brother was that maybe he could sign off Soo-jung’s organs to be donated. It was the first time he saw his brother break down and cry. So he made a vow. He would never disappoint another patient. He’d become the best doctor in his field. He watched as Soo-jung’s heart was transplanted into Bo-mi’s chest.