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Make Your Wish

  • Running time 35 min
  • Starring Oh Ji-eun,Ki Tae-young,Yoo Ho-lin,Kim Mi-kyung,Cha Hwa-yeon
  • Director Choi Won-Suk, Lee Jae-Jin
  • Writer Park Eon-Hee
  • Episode 122 Eps

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This drama is about entangled lives of four women, a stepmother and daughter of a small diner and another stepmother and daughter of a nation-wide food service company, CE Group. These four women’s lives start to be entangled with a suspicious hit-and-run of a man who then is blamed for embezzlement enrages of CE Group while he in coma from the accident. Without any money or connections, the man’s widow goes on a crusade to prove her husband’s innocence and many obstacles and hardships are encountered along her arduous journey. A suspenseful plot and a story about stepmothers and daughters bring up the rear to present a heartwarming drama to viewers.




Han So-won: (Starring Oh Ji-eun) 

So-won runs small but cozy diner called Dawon happily together with her stepmother, Lee Jung-sook. However, on the day of her wedding, her husband is falls in a coma by suspicious hit-and-run accident. Soon after, the company her husband worked for frames him for embezzlement, and to clear her husband’s name, she decides to get to the bottom of the whole incident but faces an array of obstacles and troubles along the way.


Kang Jin-hee: (Starring Ki Tae-young)

Jin-hee is the only son of the president of an American food distributing company. He picked up an MBA degree at a top US business school and with his natural culinary skill, he makes a name for himself as an international consultant for restaurants. He has an understated style and sticks to his principles, and after learning about So-won’s late husband and how he was framed, he decides to help her uncover the truth. Underneath his cool demeanor and understated charisma, he hides his painful past and becomes the genie that grants So-won her one wish.


Song Yi-hyun: (Starring Yoo Ho-lin) 

She is the granddaughter of the Chairwoman Choi Sook-hyun of CE Group and works as the head of CE Group’s Strategic Business Division. She is entangled in a fierce battle with her stepmother Shin Hye-lan over control of the CE Group. While she has a prestigious college degree and an impressive resume, she has never cooked anything in her life even though her job title is a "food marketing manager." She strategically decides to promote So-won and so she can win over Hye-lan to become the group’s successor.


Lee Jung-sook: (Starring Kim Mi-kyung) 

As So-won’s stepmother, she is a skilled cook who runs her own diner. When her stepdaughter, So-won gets a job at CE Group in a position to develop new food products, she supports her by sharing her secret recipe with her so that So-won can have a successful career.


Shin Hye-lan: (Starring Cha Hwa-yeon)

The head of PR team at the CE Group and a stepmother to Yi-hyun, who actually is the biological mother of So-won. To survive in the rarefied world of the extreme wealth, she can go to extreme lengths to hang onto her hard-won privilege for her ruthless ambitions. To be named as the successor of CE Group, she works hard to prove herself as a capable executive and a (ENGreliable daughter-in-law but in reality she is nothing like the person she portrays herself to be.