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  • Running time 70 min
  • Starring Song Yoon-ah,Jung Joon-ho,Moon Jung-hee,Hong Jong-hyun
  • Director Kim Sang-hyup
  • Writer Yoo Yoon-kyung
  • Episode 24 Eps

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A single mom who has been only focusing on making money and achieving fame is suddenly finds out she has a time-limited life. All her life, she has been neglecting her only son so she now wishes to spend the rest of her lifetime for him finding his family before she leaves. She plans to reunite her son with his birth-father so he can live in a stable family environment, but the father is already married to someone else. Mama is a story of 6 months of motherly love and sacrifices that is told by a terminally ill mother.




 Han Seung-hee: Starring Song Yoon-ah

She is a famous artist in Canada under the name of Stella Han. She is blunt and unapproachable but underneath her tough demeanor she has a lonely soul. Her parents’ disapproval of Moon Tae-joo and his subsequent betrayal left her as a single mom. She moves to Canada and finds success as an artist. but returns to back Korea for the first time in 13 years when she finds out that she has a time-limited life. She plans to reunite her son with his father so that he can have a family to look for once she passes away from her illness.


Moon Tae-joo: Starring Jung Joon-ho


He is a handsome, warm, and humorous man who is regarded as the perfect husband among the neighbors. However, his secular ambition broke him up with Han Seung-hee to marry Seo Ji-eun whose family was much richer. But unfortunately, Seo's dad goes bankrupt, and he finds himself out of a job and takes a financial hit. In his new job, he has a business meeting with Stella Han, a famous artist who is actually Han Seung-hee, his first love, whom has a son of him.





Seo Ji-eun: Starring Moon Jung-hee

She is a well-balanced and cheerful girl who grew up comfortably in a wealthy family. She is a dedicated wife, and a good mother who keeps the house in order, but when her dad's business fails, it inflicts her husband financially and they become strapped for cash. One day, she meets her new neighbor Han Seung-hee, and gets to know her better when both of their children go to the same school. But when she learns that Han Seung-hee is her husband's ex-lover, and that her husband and mother-in-law want to register Han Seung-hee's son into the family registry, she files for divorce. 


Koo Ji-seob: Starring Hong Jong-hyun

He is a son of an owner of a furniture company who disappointed his dad because he did not excel in school but settled into a semi-career as a photographer. He appears to be a spoiled rich kid but he has a deep compassion for others. He has never got over the death of his mother when he was little and still misses her. Although he does not get along with Han Seung-hee at first, he slowly finds himself attracted to her as she heals his suffering heart and changes his outlook on life.