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The Triangle

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Three brothers lose their parents and grow up separately without knowing the whereabouts of each other for more than 20 years. Because they have taken on new names and are all grown up, they are unable to recognize each other later on. Their fates become intertwined as they become bitter adversaries.


Jang Dong-soo: (Starring Lee Beom-soo)

He’s a detective in Seoul Metropolitan Police. After becoming separated from his brothers, Dong-soo was adopted by Detective Hwang Jeong-guk. So he grew up with Hwang’s daughter, Shin-hae like brother and sister. Meanwhile Ridden with a lifelong guilt for the disappearance of his two brothers, Dong-soo has an uncontrollable temper, which has caused problems at work where he was passed over for a promotion. One day, he encounters Huh Young-dal while working on a serial murder case. They get into a fight without knowing that they are brothers.

Hwang Shin-hye: (Starring Oh Yeon-soo)

She grew up with Jang Dong-soo and liked him very much but she ended up marrying someone else because of her father’s wishes. Her marriage does not work out so she and her husband live separately. She goes to England to study abroad. She quits her profession as a psychiatrist to become a criminal profiler and this leads to an encounter with Jang Dong-soo. Knowing that Dong-soo still has feelings for her, she decides to end their frustrating relationship. When she’s about to tell her feelings to him, they are faced with a crisis that puts their love to the test.

Jang Dong-cheol (Huh Young-dal): (Starring Kim Jae-joong)

Huh Young-dal is Dong-soo’s younger brother. While spending time in juvenile detention centers, he changes his name to Huh Young-dal. He is a low-life gangster who prowls the streets around the casinos. One day, he laid his eyes on Oh Jung-hee and was smitten with love. When Jang Dong-soo starts to investigate his boss, Go Bok-tae, Young-dal finds himself at odds with his brother.

Jang Dong-jun (Yoon Yang-ha): (Starring Lim Shi-wan)

He is Jang Dong-soo’s youngest brother. He studied hotel & casino management abroad and is fluent in English. He was adopted by Yoon Tae-jun, a rich resort owner and took on the new name, Yoon Yang-ha. He is cold towards women but fell in love at first sight with Oh Jung-hee. He battles Huh Young-dal for her love without knowing that Young-dal is actually his brother.

Oh Jung-hee: (Starring Baek Jin-hee)

She supports her four siblings by working as a card dealer at a casino. She has a positive outlook on life and a cheerful disposition although her life is full of hardships. Both Huh Young-dal, who was stalking her, and Yoon Yang-ha, whom every female casino dealer was interested in, show their affection to her.