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Mother’s Garden

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A family drama about a woman who gets to live at her biological mother’s boarding house with her stepmother after her father dies and his business goes down. This struggling family overcomes life challenges together through love and compassion to reach a happy ending.


Seo Yoon-joo: Actress Jung Yu-mi
She is a veterinarian and daughter of a CEO of a medium-sized business. Due to the hysterical personality of her stepmother, Yoon-joo learned to tread lightly around her, since she was little. After learning about her biological mother, she tracks down her and rents a room at a boarding house she runs. There she has trouble getting along with Cha Ki-jun but falls in love with him, never knowing the bad history between their parents…
Cha Ki-jun: Actor Choi Tae-joon
As the second son of the owner of a conglomerate he has been doted on by his parents. Despite opposition from his parents who wants him to study business, Ki-jun decides to be a chef and rents a cheap room at a boarding house. There he meets Yoon-joo and wants to marry her but his parents force him to choose between marrying her and becoming a chef.
Kim Soo-jin: Actress Uhm Hyun-kyung
Yoon-joo’s half-sister who is rebellious and hates being poor. With a slim figure and pretty face, she becomes a model but has a hard time making it into show business. So she pursues Cha Sung-jun, the scion of a conglomerate, and tries to become his wife through any means possible.
Actor Koh Sae-won
He is older brother of Ki-jun, cold and calculating. While he has a calm demeanor and appears to be logical, he is very cruel and has no empathy for others. He reluctantly marries Soo-jin as she lies to him she has got pregnant, but when he learns the truth he breaks up their marriage. When his younger brother brings home Yoon-joo to introduce her as his love interest, he is astonished to see her because she was a girl he once met on an arranged date, which creates an awkward tension between the brothers.