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Shining Romance

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A romantic drama about a woman who was duped into getting a pretend divorce by her husband, but makes her way up to achieve a dream and love.


Oh Bit-na: Actress Lee Jin
Her husband dupes her into getting a "pretend" divorce that turns out to be a real divorce but she doesn't despair over her wrecked life. She works her way up to start a new life. While fighting over custody of their daughter, she also starts a relationship with Kang Ha-joon but due to a bitter past between her parents and Ha-joon's, they face resistance from their families.
Kang Ha-joon: Actor Park Yoon-jae
He went to a top college and is very well-groomed. Appearance-wise, he looks like a man without any flaws. He's a perfectionist who seldom makes mistakes and cool-headed. He is a senior manager at Hotel J but decided to learn from the ground level, working for different subsidiaries of the J Group. He knew Bit-na back in elementary school and when he meets her again by coincidence as adults, he feels protective over her.
Chang Cherry: Actress Jo Ahn
General manager at the upscale Chungwoongak restaurant. As Ha-joon who is the perfect boyfriend she has always wanted likes Bit-na, Cherry is put into a rage of jealousy. Worse yet, she finds out that Bit-na was Jae-ik's biological daughter instead of her. So while she does her best to suppress the truth, she also tries to keep Soon-ok, who raised Bit-na, from getting into a closer relationship with Jae-ik.
Oh Yoon-na : Actress Kwak Ji-min
Bit-na's sister. She excels in school and is mature beyond her years. Her calculating and logical mind is what compels her to settle scores to make both sides even. She dreamt of becoming a cellist but due to the "accidental" death of her dad, she has to give up on her dream. While working part-time and preparing for the grueling state examinations, she learns about actual circumstances of her father's death, which compels her to seek revenge.
Kang Ki-joon : Actor Yoo Min-gyu
Ha-joon's brother. He is an articulate talker and has handsome looks, which make him popular among girls. He is impulsive, unpredictable and easily distracted. He enjoys going shopping with his mom and displays qualities like that of a daughter. He manages the Joon Cafe chain, which is owned by the J Group, and also runs the flagship store. He finds himself falling for Yoon-na, who he hired as a part-time employee.