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An "inelegant" young woman who works as an elevator operator at a department store that lays off workers in the worst 1997 financial crisis ever to hit the nation crosses paths with macho Mr. Kim, a cosmetics firm CEO, whose company is on the brink of bankruptcy. With nothing to lose, these two people decide to join together to win the Miss Korea contest.


Oh Ji-young: Actress Lee Yeon-hee
She used to be the most popular girl in high school years, but now she is an elevator operator at a department store and is under pressure to take early retirement. Although she has a sexy figure with an innocent face, she acts like a tomboy and has no manners. When Kim Hyung-joon shows up in 10 years and boldly promises to make her the next Miss Korea, she agrees to do what it takes to win it.
Kim Hyung-joon: Actor Lee Sun-gyun
After graduating from the prestigious Seoul National University, he and a group of his friends founded Vivi Cosmetics. Struggling to keep the company afloat, he finally finds an investor, but the man will invest only when Hyung-joon can sponsor a pageant contestant who can win the Miss Korea contest. So he tracks down Oh Ji-young, whom he knew from high school and decides to shower her with his affection as he transforms her tomboyish personality into a charming woman with etiquette.
Ma Ae-ri: Actress Lee Mi-sook
She has groomed many pageant contestants who have gone on to win the Miss Korea contest. She owns a hair salon in the pricey Rodeo street in Gangnam and is very successful. She will go to great lengths to have her girls win the Miss Korea contest, which entails visiting bars, bathhouses, churches, Buddhist temples and even subways to find a girl with the right look. She also cares deeply about the girls she takes under her wing. To ensure that one of her girls wins the annual beauty contest, she will use unconventional training methods as she is fiercely competitive.
Koh Hwajung: Actress Song Sun-mi
She got a degree in chemical engineering from an elite university and works as the head researcher at Vivi Cosmetics. She stays level-headed and makes smart decisions. Although she has a crush on Kim Hyung-joon, he is too busy with managing the company and hardly notices her. She has trouble getting along with Jung Sun-saeng who disrespects Kim Hyung-joon and is always on his case.
Jung Sun-saeng : Actor Lee Sung-min
He used to be a gangster hustling the streets but as he got older he was let go. So he found work as a debt collector, a low-level job for a gangster. He is still single and has no savings when his boss fires him. He shows up at Vivi Cosmetics offices every day to recover the loan that Hyung-joon took out from his boss. Somehow he finds himself drawn into Vivi's Miss Korea project.