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Hold My Hand

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A misguided ambition leads to the theft of everything a woman had in her life. Instead of getting revenge, the woman forgives and reconciles with her enemy. This will compel viewers to reconsider their views on revenge. Perhaps, true revenge is not about punishing those who have done you wrong but rather about offering your tormenter a moment to repent, which is the ultimate form of revenge.


Han Yeon-soo: Actress Park Shi-eun
She has a tomboy-like personality and a golden smile. She's a selfless person who cares about other people. When she puts her mind to it, she achieves her goals almost all the time. She fights to clear her name after being framed for the murder of her own mother.
Oh Shin-hee: Actress Bae Green
She has looks to kill and possesses a smart intellect. She's full of ambition. When she learns that Jung-hyun, whom she had a crush on and dreamt would lift her out of poverty, was actually in love with Yeon-soo, she decides to frame Yeon-soo for the murder of her mother.
Min Joo-won: Actor Lee Jae-hwang
With handsome looks and a sharp mind, he might appear to be aloof and irritable but inside he has a warm heart. He works as an outside legal counsel to a fashion company. While helping clear Yeon-soo's name, he falls in love with her and supports her through it all.
Min Jung-hyun: Actor Jin Tae-hyun
He is popular among ladies for being good-looking and a gentleman. He loved Yeon-seo although her family was poor but when she is accused of murdering her mother and sentenced to prison, he breaks up with her and marries Shin-hee. He engages in a rivalry against his cousin Joo-won over who will control his dad's fashion company.