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Golden Rainbow

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Seven orphaned brothers and sisters who have closer ties than blood family are compared to a blood-tied family that is being broken by its own greed to think about the true meaning of family and happiness.


Kim Baek-won: Actress Uee / Kim Yoo-jung
Her actual name is Jang Ha-bin. Although she is the granddaughter of the Hwanggeum Group chairwoman she is believed to be dead. She is discovered in the mountains by Man-won who takes her in and later gets adopted by Kim Han-joo. Baek-won is unpredictable and impulsive, but rebounds from any setback.
Seo Do-young: Actor Jung Il-woo / Oh Jae-moo
He was treated like a nobody by his stepmother and her family when his father remarried. He puts on an act of being a rebel and troublemaker but he is smart enough to become a state prosecutor later on. He becomes cynical about society, which he believes is rife with injustice, but everything changes when he meets Baek-won.
Kim Chun-won: Actress Cha Ye-ryeon / Song Yoo-jung
During her childhood years, she lived in poverty and was abused by her stepmother and stepfather. Baek-won saves her from being raped and after that incident, she lives with Kim Han-joo and Baek-won. She was quick-witted since she was little. To be rich and successful, she seduces Seo Do-young who is in love with Baek-won.
Kim Man-won: Actor Lee Jae-yoon / Seo Young-joo
When he thinks he is right, he will focus all of his energy on it with reckless abandon. Instead of saying, “I love you,” he shows his affection through acts of love. While he acts cold and tough around people, he will do anything for his brothers and sisters. A man of few words, he has a big heart.