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Princess Aurora

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Aurora is a 25-year-old woman whose family owns Chunwang Foods, a large food conglomerate. Both of her parents are in their seventies and a 20-plus age difference exists between Aurora and her three other male siblings - Wang-sung, Geum-sung and Su-sung. At first, people think she is a rich spoiled brat but there’s more to her than meets the eye. She intervenes to salvage her 50-year-old second brother’s marriage by getting rid of his mistress who had lied about getting pregnant by her brother. As the youngest child of a wealthy family, she has turned out alright instead of becoming a spoiled material girl. She is uberconfident and speaks her mind to everyone around her. One day, she falls head over heels for Hwang Mama, an irritable novelist and perfectionist. Aurora oozes with charm and confidence! Nothing can faze her. Hwang Mama’s chiseled good looks make him incomparable to other men. But he has one flaw that could torpedo his relationship with Aurora! Can the couple overcome it?


Aurora | Actor: Jeon So-min
The only daughter of the Chunwang Foods chairman. She’s 20-plus years younger than her three older brother and grew up with everyone doting on her. She is intelligent and makes sure to not leave any loose ends in whatever she does. Armed with her sharp intelligence and a logical approach to problems, she always makes the right calls.
Hwang Mama | Actor: Oh Chang-seok
He is a bestselling author who goes by the pseudonym, Hwangma. He is an intensely private person so nobody knows that he is a famous novelist. He’s tall, handsome, and has a great-sounding voice. He’s exceptional in every way
Oh Wang-sung | Actor: Park Young-gyu
Eldest son in the family that owns Chunwang Foods. He is Aurora’s brother. He does not dare to defy his father, Chairman Oh Dae-san, and tries to be a peacemaker at home and at work
Oh Geum-sung | Actor: Son Chang-min
The second son of the chairman. He wants to divorce his current wife in order to marry his mistress Ju-li.
Oh Su-sung | Actor: Oh Dae-gyu
The third son in the family. He’s less masculine than his two brothers and has a peculiar habit of calling them “sister.” A man in touch with his “feminine” side.
Hwang Shi-mong | Actress: Kim Bo-yeon
Hwang Mama’s sister and the eldest sibling in the Hwang household. She owns a franchised restaurant called “Versailles” and works in the kitchen as the head chef. With a calm personality, she is an elegant woman.
Hwang Mi-mong | Actress: Park Hae-mi
Hwang Mama’s second daughter. She is a sculptor who has not married yet. She crossed paths with Aurora once and does not have a good impression of her.
Hwang Ja-mong | Actress: Kim Hye-eun
Hwang Mama’s third daughter. An opera singer who also gives vocal lessons. Despite being over 30, she is still a lovely single lady. She is comfortable with her body and likes to dress flamboyantly