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Goddess of Fire

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Joseon-era pottery was notable for its best quality and advanced baking method in the late 16th century. Baek Pa-seon, the woman of fire, was Joseon's first female potter and regarded as the dojo of Shintaro porcelain. Crown Prince Gwang-hae loved her deeply but had to let her go. This TV miniseries depicts her early life in Joseon instead of Japan, where a shrine is dedicated to her.


Yoo Jung (female) / Actress Moon Geun-young
She was born with an enhanced sense of smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch. She uses all of her senses and talents to create brilliant pieces of pottery. She sees and tells apart excellent pottery from the rest and she smells to choose the best clay material. She tastes the glaze used to make pottery to ensure it is of best quality. When baking pottery, she relies on her acute sense of hearing to regulate temperature. Her delicate hands masterfully shape clay into a masterpiece. People say that the God of Kiln entered her body when she was born inside a kiln.
Gwang-hae (male) / Actor Lee Sang-yoon
His name at birth was Hon. He later becomes the 15th king of the Joseon Dynasty but receives the lower title of "Gun" instead of the full title befitting of a majesty. He had the gravitas of a ruler at a young age but his brilliance compelled his adversaries to block his path to the throne. Because his mother, the queen, died while giving birth to him, his father King Sunjo partly blames him for this and they never form a close bond. Gwang-hea realized at an early age that training in the martial arts and excelling in academics would foment animosity towards him. While on a hunting trip with his father he encounters Jung,his woman of destiny. .
Lee Yook-do (male) / Actor Park Gun-hyung
Yook-do is Jung's half-brother and the son of Lee Gang-chun, the head of the Sah-ong royal bureau. Born from a family of esteemed artisan potters, he is recognized as a talented potter at a young age. While most people think Lee Yook-do was born with talent, they do not know how much hard work and internal conflict was involved in the process. Every day he spends hours at the spinning wheel, making pottery. He is 99% perspiration and 1% genius but loves what he does.
Kim Tae-do (male) / Actor Kim Beom
It is as if Tae-do was born to protect Jung and be by her side. Jung has no mother so Tae-do treats her like his own sister. Tae-do helps his parents run their tavern and practices martial arts in his spare time. Then, he spends the rest of his time looking after Jung. It's how his day goes. There has never been enough time in his day to be with Jung. At the time, he was unaware that he was in love with Jung. He believed it was just his duty to care for her.