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Queen’s Classroom

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Now here is one person who tells the inconvenient truth to children. Ma Yeo-jin also takes it one step further. She perpetuates the ugly side of our immoral society by becoming a controlling and manipulative teacher. In class, the students are taught what behaviors to adopt in mock circumstances that reflect actual life. Her students are instilled with fear, stung by hurtful remarks, and betrayed by classmates under Ma's manipulative ways. But gradually, the students learn to become independent and self-reliant.


Ma Yeo-jin, 35, female, 6th Grade Teacher
Wearing a pair of black heels, conservative black clothes that daintily cover her neck, she is immaculate about her appearance. She never smiles at her students. Miss Ma has been called a witch, fox with nine tails, a psycho and other mean names. After a 2-year hiatus from teaching, she has returned to the classroom with no intentions of being a popular and loving teacher. Instead of giving children a rosy depiction of the world, she bluntly talks about the rampant corruption, one-percenters and injustice in society.
Shim Hana, 12, female
Although she has average looks and an average personality, Hana has a charming, cute smile. Always cheerful, her motto is that you have to be happy today in order to be happy tomorrow. So she was planning to have a blast in her last year of elementary school but that was before she found out that her homeroom teacher would be Mrs. Ma.
Oh Dong-gu, 12, male
He was always a free-spirited soul. When faced in an oppressive classroom environment, he chooses to run away from the situation instead of fighting back. Then Ha-na persuades him to band together to stand up to Miss Ma. Wielding his wit and humor as verbal weapons, he helps Ha-na. As a supportive friend to Ha-na, he starts to like her a lot more than he used to.
Kim Seo-hyun, 12, female
Without the help of cram schools she goes on to place first in every academic competition. Even during recess and breaks, she spends time reading instead of hanging out with her classmates. In the beginning she is perceived to be the teacher's pet and given special treatment. But it is Seo-hyun who defiantly intervenes on behalf of a classmate to put a stop to Miss Ma's bullying behavior. Having read so many books at an early age, she has a strong sense of right and wrong. Because of this, Seo-hyun shows no fear in objecting to Miss Ma's unfairness.