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The Scandal

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The person whom I called father all my life is actually my kidnapper! He took me away from my real parents. One terrible act will lead to another. Even if you get revenge, the repercussions of that will linger. Thus, this TV miniseries does not cover the act of revenge. Rather, it peers into the lives of the people intertwined by their ugly past and how they deal with it. An act that I believed right could be perceived as evil by the receiving end of it. What goes around comes around with an unexpected twist. Instead of causing harm in a flash of rage, it would be better if we could channel our anger into a more productive way that can foster a truce.


Ha Eun-joong, male, 30 / Actor Kim Jae-won
Detective at Gangnam Police station. He became a detective to try to understand his dad better. His dad was an ex-detective. Why did his dad quit the force in 1988? What happened to him that he turned into a day laborer? Why did he adopt him but never accept him as his son? He wanted to know the truth.
Ha Myung-geun, male, 34 and 59 / Actor Cho Jae-hyun
He is a loving dad to Ha Eun-joong and Ha Soo-young. And he is also Ha Eun-joong's kidnapper. His wife died while giving birth to Soo-young and that left him caring for his two kids all by himself. Jang Tae-ha, chairman of Taeha Construction firm was responsible for the shoddy construction of a building that collapsed, killing Myung-geun's son. So he kidnapped Jang's son to get revenge. He didn't mind becoming a monster but he didn't want Eun-joong to become like him. But it's too late.
Woo Ah-mi, female, 26 / Actress Cho Yoon-hee
Single mom with a 6-year-old daughter. She owns a lunch stand in Noryangjin where many people preparing for the state police exams take cram courses. She was born on Wando island in South Jeolla province and came to Noryangjin at the age of 19. She wanted to become a prosecutor but soon realized that she could never pass the bar exam. She's honest, thoughtful, measured in her behavior, well-balanced and simple-minded. She cries a lot, talks a lot, gives loves and has a quick temper.
Jang Tae-ha, male, 36 and 61 / Actor Park Sang-min
Chairman of Taeha conglomerate. One of the wealthiest individuals in Korea. He is the father of Jang Eun-joong and Jang Joo-ha. He is considered to be the most handsome among chaebol chairmen and has a great fashion sense. He gets irritated when someone is ahead in fashion trends. He always has to be the first to wear a particular style.