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Pots of Gold

  • Running time 70 min
  • Starring Han Ji-hae, Yeon Jung-hoon, Lee Soo-kyung, Lee Tae-sung, Baek Jin-hee, Park Seo-joon, Kim Hyung-joon
  • Director Lee Hyung-sun
  • Writer Hah Chung-ok
  • Episode 50 Eps

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Being in the middle class can make you feel like you are in a stable life. However, it can also undermine your moral system, because you may want to enter the upper middle class once you reach the middle class. This miniseries portrays the lives of the middle class who vainly tries to get ahead in society in a satirical but realistic way. Watching the heroin hold onto her goal of living a fulfilling life amid the struggling middle will remind the viewers of the true meaning of marriage, family and happiness.


Jung Mong-hee, 30 - Actress Han Ji-hye
Although her dream is to become a jewelry designer, she makes a living by peddling cheap fake accessary in the street. She endures the muggy weather out on the street to help pay for her siblings' tuition. As the eldest in her family, she feels responsible for helping the family finances. Then one day, Mong-hee is offered a tantalizing proposal that could change her life. She decides to seize a surprising opportunity, considering it as a process that will bring her closer to reaching her goals.
Park Hyun-soo, 34 - Actor Yeon Jung-hoon
Although his mother was the first wife to his father, she had a torrid affair that resulted in him being unloved and despised by his father. He was forced into marrying a girl he hardly knew. His marriage is a struggle as it was never based on love. In the end, his wife, Yu-na, goes missing after telling him she wanted a divorce. Then he encounters Mong-hee, who looks exactly like his wife. But she has a totally different character makeup compared to her.
Park Hyun-joon, 32 - Actor Lee Tae-sung
Second son of President Park. He has two half-siblings and his mother is Jang Deok-hee. Even though his father did not make his marriage to his mother official, they live together as if they are married. His father favored him over his older half-brother when he was growing up. And he lived up to his father's expectations by doing well in school and going to a good college. He later married a talented woman which made his father happy. But his promising life spirals out of control one day over an improbable incident.
Sung Eun, 30 - Actress Lee Soo-gyeong
She is Hyun-joon's wife and the head designer of her in-law's jewelry business. She is cunning and heartless but hides her true personality behind a sweet smile. She has her husband's devotion and the respect of everyone at the company. Having it all, she does not have a worry in the world. In college, she stole Mong-hee's boyfriend but then dumped him later on. Soon after, she married Hyun-joon and settled into a comfortable life with her rich in-laws.