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Kang Chi, the Beginning

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Born half-animal and half-human, Choi Kangchi gets into all kinds of awkward and perilous situations in his personal mission to turn into a full human in this spectacular action-packed period drama! Despite not being a human, Choi Kangchi tries to become a humanistic individual with a big heart in this wild adventure!


Choi Kang-chi (Actor Lee Seung-Gi)
His father is Koo Weol-ryeong, a guardian spirit (守護神獸) of Mt. Jiri and his mother is Seo-hwa, making him a half-human and half-animal. Unbeknownst that he was born half-human and half-animal, he is abandoned by his mother who left him floating in a basket in a river. He is found by merchant Park Mu-sol who runs one of the largest inns for merchants. Kangchi is impulsive, reactionary, and uses physical force before thinking twice. He starts life anew after encountering Dam Yeo-wul and Yi Sun-shin.
Dam Yeo-wul (Actress Suzy, member of MISS A)
She joins her father who was tasked with the job of investigating a series of murders by Yi Sun-shin. She crosses paths with Kangchi who is falsely accused of murder. While Kangchi always causes trouble, Yeo-wul discovers his innermost secret, which makes her feel sympathy for him. Even after knowing the truth that Kangchi is half-human and half-animal, she trusts that he will not harm people and stand by his side. She is the only person who can calm down Kangchi when he goes on a rampage.
Yi Sun-shin (Actor Yu Dong-guen)
After being appointed as governor of Jeolla Province by Yoo Seong-ryong, he was the first official to detect the presence of Japanese spies in the Joseon kingdom. After learning that Won Gyun controls the royal palace and all the key royal administrations, he asks Dam Pyeong-jun, who oversaw a secret army of men, to spy on Japanese spies. One day, he encounters a strange boy called Kangchi. Although Kangchi appears to be a human, Yi Sun-shin discovers that there is another power that lies within him. So he puts Kangchi under the charge of Dam Pyeong-jun, asking him to lead the boy towards a right path. Whenever Kangchi is in a perilous situation, Yi Sun-shin will appear to show him a meaningful lesson to learn from the situation. He is Kangchi’s eternal mentor and hero.