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A 100-Year Legacy

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Set against the backdrop of an old, shabby shop called Old Noodles, this story is about a family that has been running a noodle factory for three generations. Centered around noodles and the network of people connected to it, the story has the zest of radish water noodles as well as the richness of chopped noodles made with chicken broth. This drama attempts to reaffirm the family values of a wayward family that only stick together for the sake of making money.


Min Chae-won, 27
Eldest daughter in the family. The only daughter of Hyo-dong.
She is kind-hearted, warm, mature, thoughtful, and patient. She possesses inner strength and has a sunny personality. Despite the disapproval of Chairwoman Bang, she succeeds in marrying her son, Cheol-gyu. But her marriage turns sour when her husband reveals his mean streak. After making up her mind to divorce him, her mother-in-law learns of her decision and locks her up in a mental institution. That’s where she meets Lee Se-yoon...
Lee Se-yoon, 29

Only son of Baek Seol-ju and Lee Dong-gyu.
He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and could have anything he desired. He is rude to everyone around him and is a cynical person. As the scion to an enormous family fortune, he also has good looks. However, three years ago, he lost the girl he loved and lost his sense of taste. He finally decides to receive counseling from his psychiatrist friend. When he goes to the psychiatric ward, he encounters a crazy woman who asks him to rescue her.

Kim Cheol-gyu, 33

Chae-won’s ex-husband and only son of Chairwoman Bang. Scion of Geumryong Foods.
Raised by a single mother, he is indecisive, weak-minded, and easily swayed by what other people say. He is a momma’s boy. He disobeys his mother to marry Chae-won and it’s the first time he has ever gone against her wishes. But after the honeymoon phase is over, he is manipulated by his mother, refuses to grant a divorce to Chae-won, and has her institutionalized.


Kim Ju-li, 27

Daughter of Chairwoman Bang and sister of Cheol-gyu.
She is slim and very pretty to the point that people called her a real-life Barbie doll. Although she is not bright she receives expensive tutoring paid by her mother and this helps her get into a prestigious women’s university where she majors in fashion design. She later works at Se-yoon’s clothing campaign in the marketing department. Thanks to her pretty looks and family’s wealth, she is always the center of attention. She is materialistic, hard to please and judgmental towards poor people.