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Here Comes Mr. Oh

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A story about Oh Ja-ryong, a gregarious and good-natured fellow who stands up to his conniving brother-in-law, Yong-seok, who plots to steal the estate of his wife’s family. By juxtaposing Oh Ja-ryong’s pure heart and devotion to his wife with Yong-seok’s greed and superficial love towards his wife, there is a profound lesson to be learned through this drama.


Oh Ja-ryong (Actor: Lee Jang-woo)
He marries the second daughter of his mother’s best friend. Although he has a tendency of exaggerating things, he has a warm personality and friendly disposition. He carries himself around with confidence. He’s tall, handsome and served in the Special Forces during his mandatory military service. But currently, he’s unemployed and searching for a job. But he’s hopeful that things will turn around in his life. After meeting Na Gong-ju, his life has become very complicated.
Na Gong-ju (Actress: Oh Yeon-seo)

She grew up like a princess by her doting parents. So she’s self-absorbed and self-centered. But at home, she gets all the attention with her adorable behavior. She has never experienced hardships so she’s a bit naïve about lots of things in life. In sum, she’s a snobby rich girl who wouldn’t be able to survive without her parent’s money. She becomes curious about Oh Ja-ryong whom she encounters several times while visiting her dad’s company. They say that a series of coincidences will eventually turn into a real connection.

Jin Yong-seok (Actor: Jin Tae-hyun)

He’s married to the eldest daughter of Mrs. Jang Baek-ro. He was the school valedictorian in high school and went to college on a full scholarship. He later received a grant to study abroad with all expenses and tuition paid for. He dated Kim Mary during his study abroad years because he found her to be a kindred spirit who went through similar experiences he had. After getting his master’s degree, he gets a lucky break by joining a Wall Street investment firm. But he is fired over a blunder he made. Having no sponsored visa, he has no choice but to return to Korea. And life in Korea is a big letdown for him. Tired of his dead-end job, he tries to marry the the daughter of the AT Group chairman, which is something his mother also wants.


Na Jin-ju (Actor: Seo Hyun-jin)

She’s intellectual and elegant. As a professor of modern dance, she’s a nice person with a stubborn side. She had a teen crush on her tutor, In-guk when she was in middle school but due to her family’s disapproval, she was prevented from meeting him when she was old enough to date guys. After a series of perceived coincidental encounters with Yong-seok, she is mildly interested in him because of his polite manners but deep in her heart, she still longs for In-guk.