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Mom is Acting Up

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Na Moon-hee is the owner of a successful restaurant and runs a small moneylending business on the side. While giving support to people who are down on their luck, her grown-up children return to live with her after meeting their own setbacks. At her age, you would think that she would have mellowed and treat her grown children a bit nicer but she maintains her domineering and strict ways around the house which is now full of adults. In this sitcom, viewers will see how the characters find happiness and the way Na Moon-hee practices tough love to guide her children. There’s laughter and emotional moments to uplift viewer.


Na Moon-hee (Actress: Na Moon-hee)
A restaurant owner who also lends money to street sellers and small business owners. After her husband died, she had to raise her kids all by herself. This situation made her a tough person. Without a husband and well-paying job, she tried her best to discipline her kids. She’s an old-fashioned person who ran her household with an iron fist and even after her children grew up, they still feel intimidated by her.
Mi-sun (Actress: Park Mi-sun)
Daughter-in-law of Na Moon-hee. She grew up on a farm but hates to be called derogatively called a country girl so she studied really hard. She currently works as college lecturer at Munhwa University where she teaches a popular Economics 101 class. She is the only person whom Na Moon-hee will defer to when it comes to education. Her sister-in-law Seo-hyung knows her little secret about being an awkward and ugly girl in middle school and because of that, she calls Mi-sun, country girl all the time.


Seo-hyung (Actress: Kim Seo-hyung)

Daughter of Na Moon-hee. She was into fashion magazines instead of textbooks in high school. She barely graduated from high school. So she married a man who was well-educated to compensate for her own shortcomings. But her husband who was a writer falls on hard times after his publishing company fails. So she moves in with her mother and works at her restaurant to earn money.

Byung-man (Actor: Kim Byung-man)

The operator of the parking lot around Na’s restaurant. He calls himself the landlord. He is also the community leader of the neighborhood. He likes to talk a lot and poke his nose in other people’s business. Like a handy repairman, he’s skilled at fixing things. He always shows up when there’s a problem. Because of his short height, he was rejected by the army. He also has a tendency to exaggerate. He’s more helpful than a 911 dispatcher.

Yeon-seok (Actor: Yoo Yeon-seok)

Descendant of Dr. Woo Jang-choon. He runs an organic farm. Although he was very smart and did well in school, he preferred to pursue a career as a farmer. So he studied horticulture in college and then studied abroad in Denmark. He treats Myung-soo like a child and teases him all the time. Dispensing advice to Myung-soo, he uses Myung-soo more than he thinks he does.

Myung-soo (Actor: Al)

He is eight years younger than Yeon-seok and a college student. When he rides the bus, he doesn’t lean on the backside of the seat because he doesn’t want to get wrinkles on his shirt. And since he doesn’t want to get creases on his pants either, he prefers to stand, Fashion means everything to him. He majors in math and has good concentration to succeed in his field but in his everyday life, he lacks common sense.