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I Do, I Do

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Ji-an is in her late thirties and works as a director of a shoe company. She likes being single and has no plans to get married. Meanwhile, Tae-gang only has a high school diploma but wants a career as a shoe designer. After a one-night stand, Tae-gang gets Ji-an gets pregnant and their lives become entangled. Fighting against rigid social mores, the two of them try to navigate a messy and challenging world. But these two people persevere despite the obstacles before them. This miniseries sends a message to viewers that true happiness can be yours despite living in a society where morally acceptable behavior is in constant flux.


Hwang Ji-an (Actress: Kim Sun-ah)
In her late thirties, she is a director at a shoe company. To her the world is either black and white while grey areas are unacceptable. She is spunky, curt, authoritarian, hard-charging and susceptible to having hysterical fits when she is under stress. Since she was young, she had an unexplainable affection for shoes. Even when she would just throw on tracksuit pants and wear no makeup, she made sure she always wore the right shoes. Her love for shoes naturally led her to join a shoe company. Working harder and more passionately than anyone else, she became promoted to the position of director. But a one-night stand is about to throw a wrench in her immaculate and perfect life.


Park Tae-gang (Actor: Lee Jang-woo)
In his twenties, he vowed to become rich within ten years. But he only has a high school diploma, works as a seller of counterfeit luxury shoes, and constantly runs away from the police during crackdowns on illicit goods. But he believes that he has to maintain his cool style. And he invests a lof of time on networking to get a big break. By a stroke of luck, he is hired by a chaebol firm as a shoe designer. Compared to the other designers, he has no training, experience or family money. Work becomes a challenge. On top of this, he finds himself entangled with Ji-an who is an older woman with a bad temper...


Cho Eun-sung (Actor : Park Gun-hyung)

He is a gynecologist who is charming. A highly eligible bachelor. Everybody in his family are doctors and he was under pressure to go to medical school. Although he is in his late thirties, he leads the lifestyle of a typical 20-year-old hipster. So hardly anyone perceives him as a married man who has settled down with a family. He wants to keep dating girls without settling down with one woman. So he has chosen to live as a bachelor. But then he meets Ji-an on an arranged date and becomes interested in her when she makes up a story about how she has early menopause to turn him off.

Yeom Na-ri (Actress : Lim Soo-hyang)
Youngest daughter of the chairman of Hanyoung Apparel. She graduated with top honors from the S-Mode Institute and currently holds the title of vice president at her father’s company. She has pretty looks, a stellar academic background, and a wealthy dad. In effect, she has it all. But she was the daughter of her father’s mistress so she had to live in the shadows while growing up. Deep inside, she has a vulnerable heart but on the surface, she is blunt, cold, feisty and unfazed by anything. Nobody dares to anger her. With her father’s support, she is on course to succeed him as his successor but she finds herself competing with her rival, Ji-an. So she plans on getting rid of her at the company.