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Light and Shadow

  • Running time 70 min
  • Starring Ahn Jae-wook, Nam Sang Mi, Lee Pil-mo, Son Dam Bi
  • Director Lee Juh-wan, Lee Sang-yeop
  • Writer Choi Wan-gyu
  • Episode 64 Eps

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This show traces the lives of the main characters over a 50-year period and begins from the 1960s. Set in the backdrop of social upheavals, the characters are influenced by these circumstances and their human drama sheds light on important events in the history of South Korea. In addition, this TV show will flesh out the changing pop culture of South Korea in different eras. Before television was widespread in the country, many folks went to the movie theaters to satisfy their thirst for entertainment and pop culture. Focusing on the people of a roaming theatre troupe who later get roles in films, romantic relationships and ambitions of the troupe members are illuminated. The main character is betrayed by his best friend and loses everything he ever owned. He joins a theatre troupe and becomes the de factor leader, taking the group on tours across the country. He also wages bloody fights with gangs that have a stranglehold on the local film industry in which he emerges victorious. He later becomes the most powerful figure in the movie industry. As this coming-of-age story unfolds in the show, the protagonist encounters many interesting characters, who add zest to the story.


Kang Ki-tae (Actor: Ahn Jae-wook)

People call him the “King of the Nightlife” or the “Godfather of the Entertainment Industry.” He becomes the kingpin of show business but he was never a gangster. Despite this, many gangs look up to him as their spiritual leader. He also sponsors top female celebrities, lavishing them with gifts. People see him as a successful self-made man, but he does not consider himself to be a success because he was never able to marry the woman he loved.

Lee Jung-hye (Actoress: Nam Sang Mi)

The first movie she debuted in as the leading actress became a box office smash hit, making her an overnight star. But her success as an actress also leads to her misery. She is loved by two men who are best friends. One friend betrays the other because of this love triangle. The more famous she becomes, the more she is isolated and hurt.





Cha Soo-hyuk (Actor: Lee Pil-mo)

How would Antonio Salieri have been remembered in history if he did not live in the same era as Mozart? Salieri would not have been known as a loathsome person who envied Mozart, but rather as an accomplished composer in his own right. Soo-hyuk ponders his relationship with Ki-tae in similar parallels. If Ki-tae was never a part of his life, how would his life have turned out? He takes pride that he is just as smart and talented as Ki-tae but Ki-tae has the slight, insurmountable edge.










Yoo Chae-young (Actress/singer: Son Dam Bi)

Jung-hye used to be Chae-young’s stylist and was at her beck and call. But somehow Jung-hye became an overnight sensation, leaving Chae-young bitter and jealous. When she learns that Ki-tae has feelings for Jung-hye, she is furious about it. She will do anything to win Ki-tae’s heart and become a successful actress.