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A Thousand Kisses

  • Running time 70 min
  • Starring Seo Yeong-hui, Ji Hyeon-wu, Ryu Jin, Kim So-eun
  • Director Yun Jae-mun
  • Writer Park Jeong-ran
  • Episode 50 Eps

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This drama pushes viewers to question what matters in life. As it is often referred to as a journey, life can take us to the sea of threatening storms as well as the land of breathtaking scenery. Certainly, people will try their very best to overcome any difficult situations they may face, but that is not easy at all, as shown in this drama. Ju-yeong is the eldest daughter in the family and have come through hardships in life thanks to her bright and caring personality.. She is attracted to Tae-gyeong, a handsome, athletic man. They get married but Tae-gyeong has an affair which ends in their divorce. One day, Ju-yeong takes her son Chan-no to a soccer game and meets Wu-bin, a former national soccer player who has turned into the president of a sports management company. Chan-no warms to Wu-bin and this leads to a close friendship between Ju-yeong and Wu-bin. But while Ju-yeong is once divorced, Wu-bin has never married before and that poses an obstacle for them to get married. Meanwhile, Wu-bin’s cousin Wu-jin is a cold and distant person but he becomes a different man after dating Ju-mi who is Ju-yeong’s younger sister. Ju-mi also falls head over heels for Wu-jin when she first meets him. These two couples seemingly have a happy future ahead of them if not for the unforeseen events that will blindside them...


Wu Ju-yeong / Actress Seo Yeong-hui

Ju-yeong’s parents got a divorce when she was in the first grade. Born with a good-natured personality, Ju-yeong cares for her younger sister and keeps the family together and stays confident and upbeat despite growing up poor. After graduating from college, she gets a job as a designer. During a hiking trip with her coworkers, she meets Tae-gyeong and marries him but their marriage doesn’t last for long, because she finds out that he was having an affair. One day, Ju-yeong takes her son, Chan-no to a soccer game and meets Wu-bin there. Wu-bin was a former soccer player but now he runs a sports management company. Ju-yeong’s son Chan-no and Wu-bin get closer due to their shared love of soccer and soon Ju-yeong and Wu-bin start dating. As Ju-yeong is a divorcee, she faces difficulties in her relationship with Wu-bin, who has never married before...  

Jang Wu-bin / Actor Ji Hyeon-wu

Wu-bin is a former national team soccer player and now the CEO of a sports management company. He was selected as the youngest player on the national team, but suffers from a torn ligament and undergoes treatment for a year. He ultimately has to quit playing soccer. He falls into despair at the thought of not being able to play soccer any longer, but after a few years, he sets up a company that can help soccer players. He has several scuffles with Ju-yeong, which somehow brings them closer. He feels sorry that her husband cheated on her and keeps thinking about her...



Jang Wu-jin / Actor Ryu Jin

Wu-jin is the director of the planning team at Seongju Resort. His father is the chairman and his uncle is the president of the company. Since his uncle owns the business, he is unsure of becoming the next president although he excels at his job. So there is an underlying tension between himself and his uncle’s wife. When his mother died from cancer, he blamed his father for not doing enough to save her life and vowed to never forgive him for that. The loss of his mother turns him into an aloof and distant person. One day, he bumps into Ju-mi and hardly takes notice of her afterwards but she uses her charms on him and he can’t resist her bubbly personality. He changes tremendously after dating Ju-mi.


Wu Ju-mi / Actress Kim So-eun

Ju-mi is a freelance reporter at a magazine. Although she grew up without knowing about her real mother, she has a surprisingly cheerful and warm personality. She runs into Jang Wu-jin while jogging one morning and falls in love with him at first sight. Ju-mi becomes fixated with the idea to make the serious-looking Wu-jin laugh. Eventually, Wu-jin slowly opens his heart to Ju-mi who uses her charming ways on him but their relationship will be tested by an unimaginable situation...