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Hate to Lose

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What would happen if two lawyers got a divorce? How would be the proceeding? Looking at the two couples in the show, we can see some common traits. Both their weddings and divorces were hasty decisions. But their divorce settlement gets very long and nasty! In this feud, they try to outsmart each other through lies. Since they are the ones getting divorced, they find it hard to maintain a professional outlook on the divorce proceeding despite being seasoned lawyers. Their personal feelings get in the way. After handling numerous divorce proceedings for clients, they are hit with the reality of actually being involved in one. Why is it that we can’t use impartial judgment when it comes to a case involving ourselves? What will happen to these two married couples as they fight each other in court?








Lee Eun-jae / Actress Choi Ji-woo

She didn’t go to law school but that didn’t deter her from taking the tough bar exam which doesn’t require a law degree. She passed and set her sights on making lots of money. Eun-jae is highly-motivated and doesn’t care much for the justice or an ideal. She just likes what lawyers do, and the sizable income that comes with being a lawyer is a bonus. Without her, the lawyers in the firm couldn’t have received their paycheck! However, her husband Hyung-woo takes her for granted and constantly calls her selfish and self-centered.  


Yeon Hyung-woo / Actor Yoon Sang-hyun

A perfectionist who stands up for the little guy in court. He is married to Eun-jae! He was an exceptional student and passed the grueling bar exam in his first attempt. After working as a state prosecutor for a while, he hungers for more. He finds the rigid prosecutor culture distasteful, so he takes a job at a law firm. When he loses his first court case, he quits over the guilt he feels for disappointing his client. Around that time, he meets an attractive lady named Eun-jae. She’s an intriguing person.

Koh Ki-chan / Actor Kim Jung-tae

He’s a college friend of Hyung-woo but has failed to pass the bar exam. Although he’s very close to Hyung-woo, he finds it tough to deal with his failure to pass the bar like his friend and turns to drinking in his misery. He gives up his dream of becoming a lawyer, after he gets Young-joo pregnant, which results in a shotgun wedding. He takes a dead-end job to put food on the table, but he gets fired one day...

Kim Young-joo / Actress Cho Mi-ryeong

Ki-chan’s wife. She used to be a typical working mom, but now she is the breadwinner. She has a terrible temper and will totally lose it sometimes. But she has a big heart and forgives people. She opens a fusion restaurant near the law firm Eun-jae and Hyung-woo work and it seems to go well. However, one day she loses her steady income and her marriage starts falling apart...


Cho Jung-gu / Actor Seong Dong-il

A judge with a quick temper. He’s an alumnus of the same law school as Hyung-woo and Eun-ja. When he gets angry, he curses a lot. But in court, he calmly presides over divorce cases. He tries to avoid overseeing Eun-jae and Hyung-wo’s divorce settlement hearing but eventually, he is put in the awkward position of ruling over the case.

Yoo Jung-nan / Actress Park Won-sook

She is a nosy body, always poking her nose into other people’s business. But she brings energy to wherever she goes. She is no longer in touch with her daughter Eun-jae due to her past, but keeps tabs on Eun-jae secretly. She and fellow storeowners are currently embroiled in a dispute with their landlord and she is pouring her time and energy in it. But it turns out that her despicable landlord is her in-law!


Hong Geum-ji / Actor Kim Ja-ok

She became wealthy through her real estate holdings. She is ashamed that she never went to college and tries to compensate it with her stylish clothes and way of speaking. Although her daughter-in-law is way below her expectations, she doesn’t tell her about her disappointment. A few tenants in a new building she purchased are giving her a major headache. She fails to get them evicted after their leases expired. But she starts to feel compassion for one tenant.