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Miss Ripley

  • Running time 70 min
  • Starring Lee Da-hae, Kim Seung-woo, Park Yoo-chun, Kang Hye-jung
  • Director Choi Ei-sub, Choi Won-suk
  • Writer Kim Sun-young
  • Episode 16 Eps

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Mi-ri was sold to a club by her stepfather who tried to pay back his debts, but she later runs away and boards a flight to Korea to get away from the club gangsters. Korea is a place where she has only miserable memories, yet it is still her home country. There, she wants to start her life over. Being an orphan who grew up in Japan without any money or a college degree makes her life difficult. So she fabricates her credentials and her fortunes change.


Jang Mi-ri (Japanese name: Mirai) - Actress Lee Da-hae

“A poor soul who ends up crying her heart out because of the bitter life”

She comes off as honest, confident, aggressive and realistic but deep down, she’s twisted, violent, vain, shrewd, selfish and greedy. Her dark soul was molded from personal insecurities after her parents abandoned her. Because of her miserable childhood, she grew up with a deep mistrust of people. She was adopted by a family in Japan but gets sold to a club because of her stepfather’s debt. She runs away from the bottomless pit of a life and starts anew by getting a job at a four-star hotel in Korea.


Jang Myeong-hoon (Hotel general manager) - Actor Kim Seung-woo

“Being on top has been his goal all his life and he’s always been the number one”

He’s reserved, cautious, precise, cold, responsible, and firm. In other words, he doesn’t make mistakes. These traits make him reliable, but it also makes it hard to rely on him. He eventually falls in love with Jang Mi-ri who is fiercely ambitious and does everything it takes to reach a goal.


Yutaka (Heir to Mondo Resort, Korean name: Song Yoo-hyun) Actor Mickey Yoochun

“Honest and thoughtful... A true Prince Charming of our time”

He loves his stepmother dearly, and he’s grateful that she gave up on having a child to focus all her attention on raising him. Out of respect for her, he doesn’t try to search for his real mother although he longs to meet her. He thinks that his stepmother wants to get involved in the business because of this. He feels responsible for the fact that she has given up her life as a woman. He returns to Korea to take over control of the resort from his mother who will retire to look after his sick father. While staying at a studio apartment, he meets Mi-ri and soon discovers that she has a lonely soul just like him.


Na Hee-joo (Mi-ri’s friend) Actress Kang Hye-jung

“She’s kind, innocent, fragile, naïve and yet smart and bright.”

She lost her parents in a car accident when she was young and grew up at an orphanage. She was frail and weak with a gentle heart so she liked Mi-ri who was strong and stubborn the minute she met her. She loved and cared for Mi-ri and was genuinely happy when Mi-ri got adopted to a Japanese family in her place.