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Listen to My Heart

  • Running time 70 min
  • Starring Kim Jae-won, Hwang Jung-eum, Nam-goong Min, Koh Joon-hee, Lee Gyu-han
  • Director Kim Sang-ho
  • Writer Moon hee-jung
  • Episode 30 Eps

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This coming-of-age story of three young people and their love triangle will warm the hearts of viewers.


Cha Dong-ju | Actor Kim Jaewon

He is confrontational, cold and dismissive of others. He lost his hearing in an accident when he was little. Since his hearing disability could undermine his position as the heir to the family fortune, he painstakingly learned to cope with his disability and appear as if he has normal hearing.


Bong Woo-ri | Actress Hwang Jung Eum

At the age of 25, she cares for her stepfather who has the intelligence of a 7-year-old. When she was a child, her mother was killed in a car accident and her stepbrother went missing afterwards. One day, she meets a young man who has a striking resemblance to her missing stepbrother.


Jang Jun-ha (Ma-ru) | Actor Nam Gung-min

Despite his excellent grades, he was teased mercilessly by the kids because his father was mentally retarded while his stepmother was deaf. When Mrs. Tae Hyun-sook tells him to come to her if he ever needs anything, he takes up her offer. He also meets her son, Dong-ju, who confides his disability to him. Ma-ru leaves Korea together with Dong-ju and also changes his name to Jang Jun-ha.


Kang Min-soo | Actress Koh Joon-hee

Smarter than most girls, she wears fashionable clothes, and is meticulous about her looks. She is approached by Jun-ha to invest in his new cosmetics company. She gets to know Jun-ha and Dong-ju, and detects that they share a secret, which she intends to find out.



Lee Seung-chul | Actor Lee Gyu-han

His parents raised chickens on a farm. He grew up in the same neighborhood as Bong Woo-ri since they were kids and watched her grow into an attractive young lady. Despite knowing that his parents would be horrified about his intentions to marry Bong Woo-ri, he decides to win her heart first. But all of a sudden, some very eligible bachelors with respectable jobs appear out of nowhere and start wooing Woo-ri.