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Royal Family

  • Running time 70 min
  • Starring Yeom Jung-ah, Actor Ji Sung, Kim Young-ae
  • Director Kwon Eum-mi
  • Writer Kim Do-hun
  • Episode 18 Eps

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Han Ji-hun, a former juvenile delinquent who becomes a high-powered attorney! Kim In-suk of the JK Group is the woman who helped prove his innocence!


“Is Hang Ji-hun a burden in my life or someone I can depend on?”
Kim In-suk (42 – Actress Yeom Jung-ah) / Second daughter-in-law of Mrs. Gong, the chairwoman of JK Group
In the family home of the JK Group founder, she is simply called “K” by everyone. For 18 years, she was treated with disdain and contempt by the family. She, in turn, tried to act invisible to keep her sanity. Then her husband died in a helicopter crash and her mother-in-law wanted to kick her out of the house after the terrible accident. But she is a survivor and through ambition and tenacity, she becomes the next chairwoman of the JK Group.


“God didn’t give me a mother but he did give me Mrs. Kim In-suk.”
Han Ji-hun (29 – Actor Ji Sung) / Prosecutor, Attorney
After passing the bar exam, state civil servant exam, and foreign service exam, he chose a career as a state prosecutor. When he was growing up in the orphanage, he was accused of murdering a person but Mrs. Kim In-suk stepped in to prove his innocence. If she hadn’t helped him, he would have rotted in jail for the rest of his life. He dedicates his life to Mrs. Kim and helps her in every way he can. He soon realizes that his dedication to her is not purely based on feelings of gratitude but something else in his heart.


Gong Sun-ho (70 – Actress Kim Young-ae) / Chairwoman of JK Group
The largest shareholder of the JK Group and current chairwoman. She makes cold calculating decisions in business and has an iron will. Her daughters-in-law call her “Queen.” There are few people who are her equals in society. She secretly hatches a plan to transfer a bulk of JK Group shares to a holding company named Club Queens, which would let her family keep control of the family for generations