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Twinkle Twinkle

  • Running time 70 min
  • Starring Kim Hyun-joo, Lee Yu-ri, Kim Seok-hoon, Kang Dong-ho
  • Director Roh Do-chul
  • Writer Bae Yu-mi
  • Episode 54 Eps

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A rich girl suddenly finds herself living in a slum neighborhood with her real parents who run a small restaurant. This is a story of her fantastic success!


Han Jung-won (29) | Actress Kim Hyun-joo

At times she flashes her temper but she’s very understanding and forgiving at the same time. Though she looks headstrong, she has a tender soul. There’s a hint of naiveté in her that rich girls who lived sheltered lives usually have. Just as she was on the cusp of getting a big promotion after forgoing marriage, she finds herself living with her real family in a slum neighborhood.


Hwang Geum-lan (29) | Actress Lee Yu-ri

She has a nice complexion and a calm, composed demeanor. She is an introvert and gets defensive around people, which masks her ambition and drive. Due to her poor upbringing, she does not have many expectations from society and is mostly incurious about what goes on in the world. She does hope to nab a rich husband and daydreams about it every day.


Song Seung-jun (35) | Actor Kim Seok-hoon

As a former culture and arts reporter for a big daily, his writings were praised for their poetic flourishes and witty prose. He is temperamental, irritable and perceptive. Editor-in-chief of Literature and Life. Many people initially find his decisions to be blunt and cold but later on, they realize that they were well-meant and thoughtful.


Kang Dae-beom (27) | Actor Kang Dong-ho

Graduated from a third-tier university. Failed the bar exam three times but is confident he will pass on his fourth attempt. He is a charming person who surprises people with his genuinely good character. His friend believe that the world would be a much better place if there were more people like him. Despite the fact that he was never a high-achieving student or a graduate from a top university, he beams with natural confidence and assurance. His dream is to become a lawyer who defends human rights.