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Golden Fish

  • Running time 35 min
  • Starring Park Sang-won, Lee Tae-gon, Jo Yoon-hee, So Yoo-jin
  • Director Oh Hyun-chang
  • Writer Cho Eun-jung
  • Episode 133 Eps

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Sometimes, revenge elicits a stronger emotion than love.
A TV miniseries that give viewers a cathartic experience through a story of full-throttle revenge and a fantastic romance portrayed through pure love!


Moon Jung-ho (actor Park Sang-won)

He's the chairman of the Jungin Medical Foundation and also the director of a prestigious general hospital while carrying on his duties as a university president. In the professional arena, he is a calculating person who makes management decisions without any emotion, but in his personal life, he displays a liberal and free-spirited streak. He is a natural charmer and attracts many ladies but he always holds back from falling in love. However, his outlook on life is turned upside down after he meets the young and comely ballerina, Ji-min.


Lee Tae-young (actor Lee Tae-gon)

A doctor. He's a handsome man and talented surgeon. He lost his mom when he was seven years old and his father was never a part of his life since he was born. So he was taken in by Gyeong-san and grew up with his family. He doesn't open up to people easily but he is very tender towards Ji-min.



Han Ji-min (actress Jo Yoon-hee)

A prima ballerina. Like her dad, she's a warmhearted person and very attractive. For 23 years, she only loved Tae-young but he breaks her heart by abruptly leaving her life. She loses her dad, her dreams and the man she loved all at once. Amidst this turmoil, she becomes a changed person.



Moon Hyun-jin (actress So Yoo-jin)

Jung-ho's daughter and Tae-young's wife. Her first husband died while she was pregnant with their baby and became a single mom all of a sudden. She falls in love with Tae-young who operated on her ailing daughter Seo-yeon. She asks Tae-young out and they eventually get married. But she constantly worries that he'll leave her one day.