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Pink Lipstick

  • Running time 35 min
  • Starring Park Eun-hye, Lee Ju-hyeon, Park Gwang-hyeon, Suh Yu-jeong
  • Director Choi Chang-uk
  • Writer Kim Jeong-ho
  • Episode 149 Eps

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She reveals her true colors for revenge!
After a turbulent life and three marriages, she finds true love at last.

Plot Outline
Ga-eun is a sweet girl who grew up in a wealthy family. She dates Jung-woo in college and eventually marries him. But Jung-woo was secretly carrying on an affair with her best friend, Mi-ran. Using Mi-ran's wealth, Jung-woo takes over her family's fashion empire and then divorces her. Later on, Ga-eun is shocked to learn that their adopted child was actually Jung-woo's and Mi-ran's lovechild. To get revenge on her ex-husband, she marries Maeng Ho-geol, a wealthy clothing distributor, with the intention of making her ex-husband and former best friend pay dearly for what they did to her.


Yoo Ga-eun

She's the daughter of the founder of Taeyang Apparel, a large clothing retailer, and has a sweet, good-natured personality. She dates Jung-woo in college and they eventually get married. After suffering a miscarriage, she and her husband adopt a young girl and she lovingly cares for her.


Park Jung-woo

Ga-eun's first husband. He's a charming and attractive man who went to the best schools throughout his life. He's a calculating person who doesn't hesitate to make coldhearted decisions. He grew up poor, which instilled him with a lifelong obsession to become successful. Although he fell in love with Mi-ran when he met her on one of his overseas business trips, he decides to marry Ga-eun for her money. After Mi-ran returns to Korea, he learns that she's his wife's best friend. Mi-ran's appearance stands in the way of his ambitions.



Ha Jae-beom

Ga-eun's third husband. He's a romantic man who believes in everlasting love. After he meets Ga-eun, he promises to be at her side forever and keeps his word.



Ga-eun's best friend who has an affair with Jung-woo while he is married to Ga-eun. She is an attractive woman who loves Jung-woo. She returns to Korea to be reunited with Jung-woo but learns that she is married to her friend, Ga-eun.