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The Jewel Family

  • Running time 70 min
  • Starring Soh I-hyeon, Lee Tae-gon, Ko Na-eun, Lee Hyeon-jin, Lee Il-min
  • Director Baik Ho-min
  • Writer Lim Seong-han
  • Episode 50 Eps

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A family of troublemakers VS A family with class
Bi-chwi and Ruby are two pretty but shallow women who wish to marry rich men to live comfortable lives.
San-ho's goal is to pass the bar exam and gain status and money as a prosecutor and then there's Ho-bak, the youngest in the family, who is always getting into fistfights.
This family of five are poor but live a carefree life.
The show centers around the romantic relationship between Bi-chwi, the eldest daughter of this family of troublemakers, and Young-guk, the son of a respectable family.


Gung Bi-chwi (Female, age: 28)

Eldest daughter. She has style and a perfectionist personality. She dreams of marrying a rich young man and living in the lap of luxury to reverse her fortune. She begins to date Young-guk who boards at their home and is also a regular customer at the restaurant where she works.


Gung Sang-shik (Male, age: 55)

He is the patriarch of the family but acts immaturely. He tries to look young by wearing flashy clothes as he goes through a mid-life crisis. For 30 years of his life, he worked as a hotel doorman.



Pi Hye-ja (Female, age: 55)

She's the mother of four children and is full of vanity while causing trouble all the time. She is always buying dresses and jewelry that she cannot afford, creating headaches for her children.


Gung Ruby (Female, age: 26)

She is a nurse and Bi-chwi's younger sister. Like her sister, Ruby is also determined to marry a rich guy and no longer be poor. She's pretty and has a meticulous personality but constantly bickers with Kyle, who is boarding at her home. They develop feelings for each other amidst their quarreling.


Gung San-ho (Male, age: 25)

A law school graduate who is preparing for the bar exam to become a state prosecutor. He's a quiet person who always listens to his parent. As the eldest son, he is a pillar in the family. To help the family finances, he gives up his room to let Kyle, a paying tenant, live there and shares a room with younger brother Ho-bak. He falls in love with Kang-ji, a friend of Ruby.


Seo Roma (Male, age: 62)

He is a self-made millionaire who is worth 20 million dollars. He made his fortune by starting his own company. He's very strict towards his children and makes his son Young-guk move out the house to toughen him up.


Seo Young-guk (Male, age: 30)

Son of Yeroma chairman. He is handsome and disciplined but looks nothing like the image of a dashing scion of a wealthy family. At his father's urging, he starts at the bottom in society to work his way up and gain valuable experiences. He pays for room and boarding at Bi-chwi's family home.