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  • Running time 70 min
  • Starring Min Hyo-rin, Lee Sun-gyun, Lee Jung-jae, Yoon Gye-sang
  • Director Lee Yun-jeong
  • Writer Lee Jeong-a, Oh Su-jin
  • Episode 16 Eps

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In pursuit of her dreams to become a figure skater,
Ha-ru goes to Seoul where she is reunited with her stepbrother and moves in with him.
But her stepbrother has two other roommates… So in a weird arrangement, she lives with three men under one roof.
In the beginning she is drawn to Hae-yoon for his warm personality but Shin Hwal makes her heart flutter whenever she’s with him.
So whom will she choose? Hae-yoon, the warmhearted gentleman or Shin Hwal, who is tough and charismatic...
Director Lee Yoon-jung and writers Lee Jung-ah and Lee Sun-gyun who were the creators of “Coffee Prince” team up together again in this TV miniseries!
Starring actors Lee Jung-jae and Yoon Gye-sang!


Lee Ha-ru (age: 18, Figure skater) / actress Min Hyo-rin
A talented figure skater who has cute looks.

She was separated from her stepbrother Hae-yoon when she was a child but after arriving in Seoul, she moves in with him. She is surprised to find that her stepbrother has grown into a handsome man and one day, she confesses her feelings for him but he keeps treating her like a little girl. Unlike her gentle stepbrother, Shin Hwal oozes with confidence and so Ha-ru finds herself attracted to him...


Cho Hae-yoon (age: 34, Ad agency creative director) / actor Lee Seon-gyun
He is a bit old-fashioned but has an emotional side. Personality-wise, he is well-mannered, truly gentlemanlike and very compassionate.

He has his own eye for style and has eclectic tastes but he knows when to acquiesce in his demands. He does have outbursts at times that reveal his male chauvinistic qualities. When he loses face or is embarrassed by someone, he will never forget the incident and hold a grudge against the perpetrator. He exudes confidence but is also insecure.


Shin Hwal (age: 34, Ad agency creative director) / actor Lee Jeong-jae
With an analytical mind and good looks, he’s passionate, masculine and impulsive in certain ways.

He’s a man of action. He quickly sizes up people and figures out their strengths and weaknesses while also being aware of his own abilities and shortcomings. He tells it as it is with a tinge of malice and this makes him an unlikable fellow. Presently, he is separated from his wife and he treats Ha-ru who is 16 years younger than him like a kid but he finds him falling in love with her to his surprise.


Jang Hyun-tae (age: 34, Ad agency creative director) / actor Yoon Kye-sang
Appearance-wise, he appears to be simple-minded and clumsy but he has a big heart.

He has an uncanny intuition and a broad understanding of complex matters. He has a slight but athletic build that makes him look good in any suit or clothing. He quickly makes himself comfortable in any environment and is the soul of a party but he tries very hard to appear like a smooth operator. In reality, he harbors an inferiority complex.