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High Kick!

  • Running time 30 min
  • Starring Lee Soon-jae, Na Moon-hee
  • Director Kim-Byeong-uk
  • Writer Song-Jea-Jung
  • Episode 167 Eps

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Lee Yoon-ho(Jeong Il-woo), a motorcycle mania who engages in many fights at school and is known for his high kick, and Lee Min-ho(Kim Hye-seong) who enjoys spending time on scale models and web blogs, are brothers born a year apart but attending the same class at school. These two portray completely opposite Korean teenage characters in a comical way. And of course, there’s the rest of the family. Their father(Jeong Joon-ha), a full-time stock investor since being laid-off from work, nevertheless optimistic and reckless; their mother(Park Hae-mi), an oriental medicine doctor and always overly confident; their grandfather(Lee Soon-jae), who loves money more than anything in the world; their grandmother(Nah Mun-hee), who is always defeated by her daughter-in-law in ongoing status quarrels, are some of them. Their uncle Lee Min-yong(Choi Min-yong) is a 27-year-old single dad. After going through a premature marriage and early divorce, he enjoys his life back in the dating scene with his half-single and half-married status, while continuing to encounter emotionally-involved moments with his ex-wife Shin Ji(Shin Ji) at times. Smooth High Kick! is a situation comedy, which portrays the everyday lives of the main characters colliding with each other in a comical way. However, at a certain point, the surprising mysteries of their seemingly-normal surrounding characters begin to unravel one by one.

Lee Soon-jae/age 70, Owner of an oriental medicine clinic - Lee Soon-jae
A conservative and patriarchal father.
Due to his shallow character, he is easy to upset, but also easy to console with the simplest compliments. Money is so important to him that it is the sole measuring stick of all values. He has absolute belief in worldly standards. (For instance, such belief as Seoul National University is the best no matter what.)
He is always yelling at his two sons as both of them do not live up to his standards, and he has a hot temper with his kick preceding his words when enraged. Although he seems to be holding full authority of the household, he is inevitably weak to his daughter-in-law as she was the one to re-establish business of his failing oriental medicine clinic. His favoritism towards his grandson Min-ho with the good grades is too obvious.
He has a friend who bullies him and even tries to take money from him that he’s waiting for the right time to strike back while polishing his nunchaku skills.
Nah Mun-hee/age 68, Housewife - Na Moon-hee
Used to be a maid at Soon-jae’s house before marrying him.
Just as she thought her life would finally become easier after marrying off her two sons, her first daughter-in-law came to live with her asking her for help raising the kids, and her second daughter-in-law left her a baby grandson upon divorce.
Although she is usually chatty and complaining, she is totally overpowered by her first daughter-in-law. Every once in a while she becomes overly cranky that the whole family is surprised.
Just like her older son Joon-ha, she is physically very strong and has an enormous appetite. She gets along well the most with him.
She enjoys spending time talking behind her daughter-in-law’s back with Mrs. Kaesung-daek, an old lady who lives nearby. However, one day, as Mrs. Kaesung-daek suddenly disappears, the never-ending mystery begins.
Lee Joon-ha/age 43, Full-time stock investor - Jung Jun-ha
After being laid off from a stock company, he becomes a full-time investor at home, but continues to lose money instead of making any.
With his optimistic nature, he often clings onto matters with low odds and is easily taken advantage by his friends.
His physical and sexual energy is excessive, and he is also impulsive that he usually reacts upon the slightest nudge from his wife, Hae-mi. He has a huge appetite, but also suffers from severe constipation to the verge of even crying on the toilet. He is not such a sensitive character and has a temper that he doesn’t get along too well with Soon-jae, but does with Mun-hee. He has a crush on a nurse at Soon-jae’s clinic, and one day it becomes much more serious that the whole family is turned upside down. He has a bad habit of running away from home after causing trouble.
Park Hae-mi/age 45, Oriental medicine doctor - Park Hae-mee
She’s a smart and tough woman with a Superwoman complex.
She firmly believes that she is a competent and well-respected doctor and a lovable wife with the perfect marriage. She is also a great mom who knows what’s best for her kids, and an adored daughter-in-law. In fact, she is not satisfied with anything unless everyone else thinks so, too.
It will be fair to say that she has the actual authority in the family since she is the only one who can confidently assert her opinions in front of her father-in-law, whom everyone else is afraid of.
She is always self-centered(even when given instructions by her parents-in-law, she goes on accepting it after giving herself an “OK” as a final say) and always tries to lecture those around her(even when complying to others’ demands, she tells them “that’s not what I think, so try reconsidering later.”) She is very expressive and her speech and behavior is exaggerated like you would see in a play.
She is slightly manic-depressive and displays the behaviors listed above when her mood is cheerful. However, when she’s down, she is overwhelmed by her emotions and sometimes cries alone while performing acupuncture on herself. As for her stand on her incompetent husband Joon-ha(He’s younger and she married him as she fell in love first), she is unable to admit that her marriage is not perfect mostly due to her self-pride, but actually, her marriage is quite happy as she doesn’t mind Joon-ha’s strong sexual appetite.
She has a habit of singing chorus whenever someone else sings at a karaoke.
Lee Min-ho /age 17, High-school freshman - Kim Hye-seong
A straight-A student who’s physically weak but witty.
His good grades are not the result of his consistent efforts, but of the smarts he was born with. His future goals include attending medical school just like his mother and grandfather wishes him to, which is an instance that demonstrates his realist nature and desire for stability rather than being adventurous or challenging.
He’s smart and full of ideas, taking part in the family’s countless schemes and tricks. That is why he is often consulted by other family members when someone plans something behind another one’s back. He knows most secrets of other family members and is favored by his grandfather. He tries not to irritate his strong younger brother Yoon-ho, but does get beat up by him at times. He envies Yoon-ho’s popularity among girls and dreams of having such popularity, but regrets that girls aren’t too crazy about his less distinctive features. Although he’s not too bad from an objective point of view, he feels inferior to Yoon-ho in terms of his height, body, or appearance, and wishes to be able to boast of stories about girlfriends like Yoon-ho someday.
Lee Yoon-ho /age 16, High-school freshman - Jeong Il-woo
He’s a macho-style guy pumping testosterone, with a muscular body and strong punch. He is also fond of sports and is a motorcycle mania. To be more precise, he is pretty much obsessed with the need to appear tough and strong at all times.
He attends the same class as his older brother Min-ho because of his rapid physical growth, and ignores the fact that Min-ho is an older brother to him. At home, he’s a trouble-maker unlike at school. He’s not good at explaining matters as his reasoning skills falls short, understanding circumstances takes time as he’s slow-witted, and his grades are pathetic due to his unintelligence. People around him are often startled by his extreme ignorance.
He is aware of the fact that his brain doesn’t match up to his appearance and stressed out about it.
He dreams of becoming a rich and famous ultimate fighting champion and actually believes he’ll eventually be able to marry actress Moon Geun-young if he does. (Her poster hangs on the wall beside his bed and even his computer wallpaper is her picture.)
Lee Min-yong /age 27, High-school PE teacher - Choi Min-yong
He was a late-born child when Soon-jae was in his mid-40s, and is currently a PE teacher at the school Yoon-ho and Min-ho attends.
Even with the disapproval of his family, upon graduating college, he married Shin Ji who was his girlfriend throughout college. But they get divorced within two years. As she insisted on going to study abroad to Russia, he had no choice but to come back into his parent’s house. He relies on his mother for raising his baby son and lives in the attic trying to avoid his raged father as much as possible. Whenever in trouble, he usually tries to get something out of his mother who’s much easier to deal with.
He’s sensitive but lazy, and humorous but cynical, which contributes to his sarcastic manner.
However, he does have a good-natured personality that he eventually ends up complying with others’ demands. Although he goes through various romantic relationships, he’s not able to fully detach himself from Shin Ji as he continues to get emotionally involved with her. Their relationship gets complicated because of the intervention of his family members.
Shin Ji/age 26, TV commercial song singer - Shin Ji
TV commercial song singer.
She’s not big enough to have worked on famous commercials on network television yet, but is at the level of having her commercials on cable television.
She’s fickle and doesn’t have the street smarts. Her parents live in the US. She married Min-yong after a couple years of dating in college, but suddenly discovers her calling in music composition one day and decides to go study abroad. She argues with Min-yong over this, which becomes the cause for their divorce, and she eventually leaves for Moscow. However, as her plans don’t work out too well there, she comes back and sneaks around Min-yong’s house for her son. When his parents find out, she asks for their forgiveness and is granted visits.
However, with Soon-jae insisting on her and Min-yong’s remarriage, her emotionally unresolved feelings, her new boyfriend, and a three-cornered relationship with Min-yong and her roommate Min-jeong, make her situation ever more complicated.
Seo Min-jeong/age 27, Yoon-ho and Min-ho’s homeroom teacher - Suh Min-jung
She becomes an English teacher and homeroom teacher for Yoon-ho and Min-ho at the school Min-yong also teaches. Although she is a sweet girl, she’s unfortunate as she always gets involved with the wrong men or keeps getting herself into minor accidents.
As too many of her mistakes and unfortunate moments are exposed, she is regarded as more of a big sister rather than a teacher to her students. For instance, her students aren’t afraid of her to the point where a student would grab her arm and not let go when she tries to enforce physical punishment. However, when they find out about a man who mistreats her, the whole class would get angry like she was their own sister.
She’s high-school friends with Shin Ji and shares an apartment with her.
She falls in love with Min-yong while trying to help Shin Ji and Min-yong get back together.
Kim Beom/age 16, Friend of Min-ho and Yoon-ho - Kim Beom
He’s a grandson of Soon-jae’s friend and is friends with Yoon-ho and Min-ho. He has been entering Soon-jae’s house as it were his own since he was little. He bursts in heading straight to the refrigerator for snacks (Actually, he has a habit of bringing plain loafs of bread and grabbing stuff to eat it with from the refrigerator.) and often sleeps anywhere in the house. He’s close with both Yoon-ho and Min-ho. He’s an unpredictable and strange character as he would do things such as crying during a meal because he bites on his own tongue, counting the number of his teeth with his tongue, or eating hamburgers with soy-sauce on it.
Kang Yoo-mi/age 17, Girl living next-door - Park Min-young
She’s a next door neighbor and the daughter of Hae-mi’s friend.
She’s very pretty that Min-ho falls in love with her at first sight.
She’s usually a nice girl but has frequent mood swings.
Reading her emotions is difficult.