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Love Can't Wait

  • Running time 30 min
  • Starring Hong Kyung-min, Lee Young-A
  • Director Lee Tae-Gon, Kim Dae-Jin
  • Writer Jung Hyung-Jung
  • Episode 124 Eps

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Does a high school senior only have to study? A naive high school girls big plan to get married!
is a special love story of a high school senior at a girls school with an IQ of 98 but ranking first in looks in her school and of a poor college student studying law.
Eun-min meets Tae-kyeong, a college student, when she goes to the university library to run an errand for her sister. She instantly falls in love and lies to him about being a scenario writer and starts dating him. Tae-kyeong of course also falls in love with the charming Eun-min. However, Eun-min’s lie doesnt last long. Eun-min and Tae-kyeong meet each other again as private tutor and student…
Tae-kyeong tells Eun-min, who hates studying more than anything, that she should do something else if she doesnt want to go to college, and drags her to the HAJA Center. The reason she listened to him without any further worries is because she believed that he would not ask her to do something thats not right. She has faith in him. She thought that she would be able to live a different life if she were with him. Tae-kyeong was the first thing that had ever been only hers. Therefore, Eun-min decides to get married to him! The marriage was her first accomplishment. The ten-million-won-leased room in the basement that the in-laws found for them has no windows. But why worry about not having a window? One can just draw windows on the wall, place a bucket under the leak in the ceiling and hold a rat-catching event with Tae-kyeong in case there are rats! For some time at first, poverty was just a game for her…

Kim Tae-kyeong (College student 25) / Hong Kyeong-min
The second of three children of Kim Cheol-hwan and Jang Soon-ja.
He has always been lonely growing up with a strict and too serious father and a mother who was always busy due to hard living conditions. He made his own lunch box, studied on his own, and had to check the weather forecast to see if he had to take his umbrella on his own. Although he hasn't received an allowance since middle school, he managed to buy a computer and clothes on his own and even treat his friends so that they wouldn't realize how poor he was. He thinks that there's no need to blame his poor parents, because he can always get what he wants with his own efforts without burdening his parents. He proudly thinks of himself quite highly as a person. He himself believes that he is well-off compared to others, including his parents and siblings despite his background. With the right height and decent looks, his intelligence was also confirmed when he entered the best school in Korea. He is a young man with a fervent soul, confident that he has a good personality and good values. He's never in his life brought contempt upon himself and he's never been really scolded by his parents. He's been complimented by people in town and been recognized by teachers and friends. Fiercely independent and with a strong sense of responsibility, he is also very sincere and possesses reasonable values. Despite his young age, he is very strong, stable and has high self-esteem.
Seo Eun-min (senior at a girl's high school 19) / Lee Young-ah
Second daughter of Seo Jin-heung and Jang Yeon-sook.
She thought she was special. She thought she'd always play in a flower garden. Never in her wildest dreams had she considered of putting mud on her hands, walking in mud or being looked down on by others. She is a bright, cheerful and fearless child who once thought that even car accidents that often happen to others would escape her! If the first hardship in life was her parent's divorce, then the second hardship came with her marriage to Tae-kyeong at an early age. She starts to have a terrible relationship with her mom after she gets married to Tae-kyeong and moves into a windowless ten-million won leased room in a basement. One can just draw windows on the wall, place a bucket under the leak in the ceiling and hold a rat-catching event with Tae-kyeong in case there are rats! For some time at first, 'poverty' was just a game for her... Although she thought all she had to put up with was the discomfort of being poor, she gradually comes to realize that poverty damages one's self-esteem and brings self-contempt. The poverty she experiences through her marriage to Tae-kyeong makes her grow up really fast.
Seo Eun-joo (Eun-min's sister) / Choi Jeong-yoon
Scenario writer. When it comes to work she is very precise, but has no interest in housework whatsoever and doesn't have the slightest motivation to do it. Since she was little she liked to wear pants more than skirts, and had more boyfriends than girlfriends. Although she may seem a little wild due to her informality and over-confidence she is actually an honest woman with many lovely traits. She is easy-going and social and strongly dislikes anything serious. She will tape her torn skirt with scotch tape and staple buttons back on that fall off; she cleans her room once a month at the most. It's a disaster to the point that she has to jump over her belongings and kick anything that gets in her way.
She has a cool and open personality.
Hwang Young-min / Choi Kyu-hwan
Scenario writer. He grew up as the only man in his household, which consisted of his grandmother, mother and his sister, who is in a wheel chair. Having served as a cook in the military, he's quite confident about his cooking and is also good at cleaning due to his neat personality. After majoring in creative writing at a junior college and finishing his military obligation, he sees Seo Eun-joo's scenario while doing some monitoring at a movie company. Once he starts working as a co-writer it is Eun-joo's workroom that upsets his sense of cleanliness. Seo Eun-joo is a woman who often uses his toothbrush, not being able to distinguish her own from his, wears his clean and neatly folded socks and leaves her underwear lying around everywhere. However, they never fight. Being thoughtful enough, he takes care of Eun-joo and starts to feel some affection toward her. Eun-joo criticizes him when he makes soup for her when she is drunk and when he folds her underwear that's been hanging out on the veranda for days by saying, "I didn't ask for a housemaid. I was looking for a co-writer."
He's a righteous man who doesn't cross the road at a red light even if it's empty at 3 a.m. He's also a courteous member of the young generation who washes the paper cups that Eun-joo throws away and recycles them.

Kim Cheol-hwan (Tae-kyeong's father) / Baek Il-sup
When talking about his stubbornness, he's never lost to anyone. He believes that he's always right. Although his wife and children complain that he's too conservative and stiff to talk to, he still thinks that it's the right way for him to be with his family. It's his stubbornness that keeps him alive. He came to Seoul when Tae-kyeong was five wanting to raise his children well after realizing how hard life is with only a middle ? school diploma. While living as a sailor in Yeosoo of Jeon-nam province. In this process he leaves an indelible wound on his family. He left his daughter Tae-hee as a 'nanny' to his next door neighbors. He managed to find his daughter again three years later when she was on the streets begging with a blind couple, but this is still a wound that remains in his family. Whenever Tae-hee is drunk she brings up the incident again and sadly blames everything on her father, which also hurts him deeply. The role of a father he thinks is…
"Not starving his children and not letting them be called an orphan by others."
But his children start to talk differently as they grow older. They dare to compare him to other fathers, complain about not having been given more and blame him for the wounds that have led to their distorted personalities. "Do I know how much parents’ deficiencies are detrimental towards the formation of the personalities of their children?" He thinks that if he knew that those brats would turn out to be like this he should have abandoned them at an orphanage a long time ago. He's a stubborn, obstinate man who does not think he is the slightest bit unjust. He's a loner who doesn't know how to rely on his children or wife or even tell them that he loves them until the day he dies.

Jang Soon-ja (Tae-kyeong's mother) / Jang Hae-sun
There's nothing she hasn't tried since she came up from Yeo-soo. She worked in a restaurant, worked as a peddler, and as a housemaid. Not even once has she put make up on her face, and she cuts her hair at home. The only time she got a perm was right before her older son got married. Although she's talkative, dissimulating and a greedy snob, her love for her children is so strong that she would even walk in flames if something is bothering them. She's a typical mom who cries and laughs because of her children.

Kim Tae-hee (Tae-kyeong's sister) / Yoon Hae-young
Self-acclaimed writer, referred to as a literary aspirant by others. The same year she graduated from a junior college, majoring in creative writing, she was somehow fortunate enough to be nominated as a new literary writer. Since then her writing hasn't been printed. She is an old maid who insists on thinking herself a writer while others call her a literary aspirant. She has no sense of reality, having never done corporate work with the excuse of having to write, and has never really dated after carrying the torch a few times. She's about to fall into depression now that marriage seems to have gone out of her way and she seems to have no talent in writing whatsoever. Her life was actually set the year she graduated from elementary school. When her family left for Seoul, her father took her to someone's house. She would have been old enough to understand at the age of thirteen, but he left without a promise of returning. She waited for a year, taking care of three children in that house. Only after 2 years did her father come to pick her up and this was already after the wound in her heart had deepened. After that…she lived with a growing belief that no one would love someone who was abandoned by her own father. She grew a temper and yelled whenever she felt like it. Having already experienced that no one is out there to protect her, she persistently took care of herself. She didn't have friends or anyone else close to her. The vicious cycle has continued until today. She simply hates her home. She hopes to leaves the house with her stiff father who won't listen, the house with her father who sold her away, the house that only hurts her as quickly as possible. She just wants to escape the sound of her father's constant yelling...

Kim Tae-soo (Tae-kyeong's older brother, video rental store owner) / Lee Doo-il
Since he was a child, he was never really self-confident being weighed down by his fiery father and smart, good-natured brother. While Tae-kyeong overcame his hot-tempered and stubborn father, Tae-soo grew up living in the shadows of his father. His childhood dream was to be a soccer player. He was quite recognized in school for his talent. When it was time to go on to high school, he even received offers from high schools famous for their soccer teams. Although he wanted to play soccer, his father disliked the idea and Tae-soo never dared to go against his father's will. He decided he could just play soccer in the town's early morning soccer league. Therefore, he went into an engineering high school and that was the end of his studies. He's optimistic, lazy and laid back. He might have a lot of complaints about his mother but is always obedient to her, and gives in to his brother every time. In the living room, he stands on his mother's side and in the kitchen he changes to be on his wife's side. He doesn't see the need for beating others since losing makes life so much easier. He thinks that not offending his father and maintaining peace in the house is the greatest filial duty. Although he doesn't have any big hopes, his only dream is to get lost in the desert. He just wants to live everyday as he did the day before, watching videos and comics in his shop. He's a little worried that he and his wife, Hee-jung, have not had a child yet, but he doesn't really mind it so much. He doesn't want his wife to make a big fuss about it. He's someone who never upsets anyone, lacks a little bit in humor but is warm-hearted and truly cares for his wife's younger sister, Hee-soo.

Kang Hee-jeong (Tae-kyeong's sister-in-law) / Kim Ji-young
She grew up as an orphan, finished high school and started to work at a supermarket in town where she met her husband Tae-soo. Her affection for her younger sister is so strong that she married Tae-soo only after he made the promise to raise her sister like his own. She felt on top of the world when Hee-soo entered medical school. She was so happy to finally have a 'family' when she got married. She was able to put up with her mother-in-law's scolding through the love given to her by her father-in-law. Despite the fact that she's always short of money, she remains optimistic by, remembering the difficult days when she had to sleep outside homeless with her sister. The fact that her husband's earnings are not sufficient is not really a cause for worry. She believes that the two will be able to survive somehow now that they're living in an era where everyone's better off. The only wish she has is that her husband would gain more confidence and belief in the family. She's a person who is self-sacrificing and always considerate of others.

Kang Hee-soo (Hee-jeong's younger sister) / Jo Yoon-hee
She's stubborn, gentle in appearance, but sturdy in spirit. Living at the expense of her in-laws since middle school, she always felt ill at ease having to tolerate being unable to raise her voice even once. She has always felt alone after her sister got married. Thinking that she was now on her own in this world she seemed to grow more affectionate towards her in-laws but in reality they remain strangers to her, with the exception of Tae-kyeong. She misses the times when she was living with her sister alone in a single room. But she tries not to reveal her true feelings to her sister. It was Yoon Ki-hoon's comic books that allowed her to endure the lonely times. Since she was little, she read his books so many times that she has now almost memorized them. Although the books are now out-of-print she still owns all the short pieces. She spent countless hours copying the pictures from the comic books. She got in trouble and was caught by her sister, but Hee-soo wouldn't stop. She wrote fan letters to Yoon Ki-hoon, and went to his workplace in Ganghwado to draw a wall painting. Through Tae-kyeong, she starts to work as a pupil for Yoon Ki-hoon...

Jang Yeon-sook (Eun-min's mother) / Park Won-sook
She's the CEO of a luxury ceramics company.
Even when she was young, she was quite different from the other moms.
Whenever there was left-over cold rice, she fed her two daughters with it telling them that it was their share, and when Eun-joo asked her on the day of her college examination why her mother didn't pray for her daughter like the other moms, Yeon-sook would simply answer that it'd be unfair if she prayed since someone else would fail if Eun-joo passed the exam. Before she got divorced from her husband, who supposedly had an affair, Yeon-sook never even dreamt that the pottery which she started as a hobby would lead to her new company. All she had left from her divorce was barely enough money to open up a small shop. She opened her own small shop and started selling the home ceramics she had personally made. Her unique ceramic ware appealed to the housewives of the Gangnam area as useful for receptions and weddings. She became successful the through word - of - mouth and soon was much better off financially. Her current company came to exist with the help of an online shopping mall. When she expanded her businesses on-line slightly earlier than others, things got much better. Sometimes she would wake up to find that sales had doubled overnight. When the on-line shopping mall grew in size, the off-line company came to stand in form. She now even has a gallery that sells high quality ceramics of lesser - known potters and a factory that makes home ceramics. This all took about ten years. She believes that her troubled times are over now that she was able to overcome some critical moments of bankruptcy due to excessive expanding of the company. Now that her company is stable again, her only wish is for her two daughters to grow up well.

Jang In-sook (Eun-min's aunt, runs a real estate agency in town) / Sunwoo Yong-nyeo
When Eun-min's family moves into her town, she finds a house for the family and remains close to them. A long time friend of Tae-kyeong's mother from town, she dislikes her sister Jang Yeon-sook, who has both more money and more potential and who indirectly tends to ignore In-sook. Although Yeon-sook was a trouble maker as a child, she's doing well now which supposedly gives her the right to act that way. Before Eun-min gets married, In-sook moves in with Eun-min's family and takes care of the housekeeping, often causing disturbances inside the house.

Yoon Ki-hoon (Divorced, cartoonist) / Lee Hyeon-woo
Eun-joo's senior in college. While in college, Eun-joo first started to write as she worked part time as a story-teller for Yoon Ki-hoon. Due to his comparably long hair for a man and free way of dressing, older people think of him as a rag picker while women consider him bohemian. After he's been given a award by a comic magazine in high school, he became quite famous and successful as a cartoonist. The one thing lacking is that he sent his son away to his ex-wife after getting divorced and now lives by himself.
He believes that men should be manly and women should be feminine. He hates women who brag about themselves. He likes simple-minded women who seem a little dumb who he can easily manage. Anyone like this with money would be great.
He's a character who at the latter part of the drama builds up a love triangle with Tae-hee and Hee-soo and causes some turmoil in Tae-kyeong's household.

Oh Young-shim (Eun-min's friend) / Na Eun
A friend Eun-min meets through Tae-kyeong, Young-shim enters Eun-min's mother's company with Eun-min, and the two together develop their own line of ceramic accessories. She's a little strange and sometimes harsh with words but is affectionate and faithful.